Operations Management

Topics: Inventory, Operations research, Manufacturing Pages: 3 (1281 words) Published: June 8, 2006
Many companies have inventory in which they must manage in order to supply the demand of the consumer or customer. Our project is based on the research of Inventory management and how it is applied or used in the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. In this project, we have elected to explain and determine how the company develops its inventory plans to support the products or services they provide to the consumer. On our field research we asked a series of questions to one of Cracker Barrels' Associate Managers Tom Kelly trying to get a general idea of how or what methods they use to manage the company's inventory.

There are many functions that can accommodate the functions of inventory, Cracker Barrel Restaurant maintains four types of inventories: they have the raw material inventory, work-in-process inventory, maintenance/repair/ operating supply inventory, and finished good inventory. The raw materials is the uncooked food in which they order, the work in process inventory is when they are preparing the food, the maintenance/repair/ operating supply inventory is the chemicals they use to clean the dishes and the grill, and the finished good inventory is the food that is cooked and served. Being that all of these things are inventory they must be managed, used, and monitored in order to keep inventory straight and to minimize cost. Cracker Barrel has many methods of managing the inventory in which they reorder if it is raw materials or other materials. The methods that are used to manage raw materials are the method of rotating the raw materials in a certain order like from oldest to newest that will allow them to use the oldest inventory first and the newest last. They also use a method which they portion the inventory to only serve a certain amount for example, they portion out the amount of fries that they serve in one serving the fries have to weight a certain amount in order to be serve with the meal. The method used to manage work-in-process is they have...
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