Operations Management

Topics: Scientific method, Theory, Management Pages: 4 (937 words) Published: August 8, 2011
Sunderland Business School

Level: MModule: Operations Management
Module Code: PGBM03Module Leader: Tom Cuthbertson
Issue Date:
26th July 2011Return Date:
16th August 2011
Contribution to Module Assessment 100%

This is an individual assignment. Work submitted must adhere to the University policy on Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism.

If Marketing's function is to identify the needs of customers, then it is Operations Management which has the role of providing the required products or services in a way that satisfies the criteria imposed by the market. Efficient operation of this function is therefore important if the organisation is to be successful. An understanding of the main operational tasks is an essential starting point in this process.

Select an organisation, or a department of an organisation, of which you have experience and critically assess the operational methods and strategies adopted to provide the product(s) in a way that give(s) maximum satisfaction to the customers or clients.

A good answer will identify the criteria applied by the customer in assessing satisfaction i.e. the order-winning and order-qualifying criteria. You should a)define the principal operations tasks to satisfy these criteria b)analyse the process strategies and procedures employed to ensure that these tasks are carried out as effectively as possible.

The organisation may not have an operations/production department defined in such terms, but it will still produce something for the use of somebody.

The report, excluding appendices, should be not more than 3000 words in length. For your guidance, it will consist of: a)an introduction in which you say who the organisation is and what your and your department’ s contribution is to the organisation. b)An accurate description of who the customers are - they may be external or internal - and what they expect from the output in terms of the broad market criteria...
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