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Operations Management Research in Cosmos Holidays Organization

Executive Summary
Operations management is certainly not an easy task at the same time not an impossible one. Some of the organizations manage their operations exceptionally while some mismanage. In most of the organizations some of its operations are good while some of them are bad. This paper reveals the operations management in Cosmos Holidays Organization. The operational areas in which the organization is good and the ones that need to be enhanced are identified and evaluated. The five performance objectives of the operation management are explained followed by the competitive issues faced by the Cosmos Holiday Organization. Finally the plans that this Cosmos Holiday Organization must adopt in order to open new local stares are also specified in this report. Introduction

Operations management involves all the business areas. Generally it deals with increasing the effectiveness of the organization by optimizing the internal operations to a great extent. In this paper operations management in the Cosmos Holidays organization has been studied. The existing operations and critically reviewed. The impact of competitors and the possibility for opening new stores in potential places are also evaluated. All these strategies and factors help the organization in optimizing its operations management. Operations Management

It deals with structuring, operations and management (OM) of the system that would map the resources of the organizations with the requirements of customers. It deals with management of operations on a daily basis and maneuvering the human resources, services activities and physical equipment for ensuring sustainability over the long-term. There are various responsibilities of the operations manager that would impact on the sustainability. The operations management in the tourism sector involves product, plant, process, people, and programs (Presbury, R. and Edwards, D. 2010) Cosmos Holidays organization in UK is considered as the largest tour operator which is owned by the Monarch Group Company. Having 50 years of history this organization is known for offering the best fully-protected holidays for its 780000 customers across 65 destinations. Cosmos organization is considered as one of the prominent tour operators in the UK. In the tourism sector the product is a service or in simpler terms it is just a tourism service. Cosmos Holidays (CH) has provided various services clubbed along with the hospitality services. In this regard it had to differentiate between the hospitality services and the tourism services. Hospitality services are also involved in the tourism sector and it plays a key role (Cosmos, 2013) Matching the services along with the requirements is one of the main tasks of the operations management in the tourism sector. In this context CH has manages holiday operations for the customers flying to Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands, Belaric Islands, Florida and Goa (India). The operations management with respect to Portugal involves five areas to which the holiday services are provided. Similarly based on the number of holiday locations or tourism spots the operations are accordingly carried out. The organization has done its best as part of its operations management to make itself popular. It has certainly provided the competitive advantages it has. Considering the marketing operations it can be said they are certainly effective to some extent. The manner in which the organization has provided the offers and discounts to stay ahead in the competition is certainly good. Information regarding the holidays with respect each holiday season are clearly provided by the organization. Operations can be carried out effectively only when the organization is able to know the requirements of the customers. The three main factors generally preferred by the holiday going customers are travel, accommodation type and the type of holiday. In...

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