Operations Management

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Introduction Page 2
1. Acme Whistles case study
What is the overlap between operations, marketing and product/service development at Acme Whistles? Page 3 2. Oxfam International case study

What are the main issues facing Oxfam’s operations managers?Page 4

3. Formule 1 & Mwagusi Safari Lodge
3.1 For each hotel, what is the role of technology and the role of operationsPage 6 staff in delivering an appropriate level of service?
3.2 What are the main differences in the operations management challenges Facing the two hotels? Page 7 4. Dabbawalas

4.1 Why does the Dabbawalas service offer such amazing dependability? Page 8 4.2 Do you think that they should be using more information technology to help them get even better?Page 9

4.3 What do you think are the main threats to this service?Page 10

BibliographyPage 11

This assignment is based on the following short case studies: Acme Whistles, a company the dates back to 1870 that was started to respond to a request by the London Metropolitan Police to replace their wooden rattles that was used to sound the alarm. So the world’s first police whistle was born.

Oxfam International, a relief and emergency response, community development organization made up of 13 likeminded organizations based around the world. Together with their partners and allies, work directly with communities seeking to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them.

Formule 1 and Mwagusi Safari Lodge, although in the same industry we have 2 hotels that operate on different principles.

Dabbawalas (one who carries box) they are a collective team of 5000 men in Mumbai that deliver cooked meals from either your home or a caterer to your workplace at lunchtime. The Dabbas (lunch tin) are then collected and returned so that they can be sent again the next day.

1. What is the overlap between operations, marketing and product / service development at Acme Whistles? The overlap is the employees of Acme Whistles. Acme Whistles is a small company that cannot afford to employ specialist resources for specialized functions. For this reason each employee has much broader job specifications and they manage to maintain a quality ethos amongst all employees. Because of this, all employees want to contribute and figure new ideas for different types of whistles. Acme’s marketing, product & service departments are informal teams put together with employees from other processes of the organization who have innovative ideas.

Simon Topman, CEO of Acme Whistles

oxfam international

2. What are the main issues facing Oxfam’s operations management?

Based on the fact that Oxfam have an expenditure bill in excess of US$ 700 million annually, the key issue facing the operations management would be controlling COSTS. Even though a non-profit organization, the operational decisions are the same as commercial, profit run organizations.

In no order of priority the following are other issues the operations management face at Oxfam: Supply chain management is critical, Oxfam comprises of 13 other organizations spread across the globe. Their key source of income comes from their network of charity shops run by volunteers. Supply chain management is critical in the running of these shops. Corporate And Social Responsibility – Oxfam have to comply with international humanitarian standards. They also have to engage with local authorities in emergency situations. They are also involved with providing clean water and sanitation facilities. Environmental regulations have to be followed....
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