Operations Centralized Project System

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Operations Centralized Project System
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Corporate Strategy Analysis: An operations related project management “current to desired” gap analysis has lead the VP of Operations to conclude that there is a need for a centralized project management system that captures and prioritizes all existing and future operations related projects. With this being confirmed by the other senior management and the CEO, it was determined that a centralized PMO was needed to obtain the current set business goals as well as support the planned growth. It was determined that the director of engineer that supervised and managed all previous projects for the last ten years would be named the new director of the PMO. His first project in this new position will be to develop an Operations Centralized Project System (referred to as OCPS). This document is a proposal outlining the system including the capturing of all current operations related projects, training, sequence of events and timeline. The projected time frame is twelve months from initiation to completion with 5 decision making milestones of: 1. Project inception

2. Project Planning
3. Project Execution
4. Project Closure
5. Project Follow-up
Corporate Maturity and Integration Plan: This is the first time that RJ Corp will be attempting to manage projects at the interdepartmental level including prioritizing them based on the impact on the department proposing it, but also its impact on all the other departments in operations. Also included in the prioritization process are the organizations objectives and goals as a whole. OCPS is a new concept to RJ Corp and will be a significant change to how RJ Corp currently handles operations related projects. To some degree it is human nature to resist change and because of this it is anticipated that a major challenge to the success of this project will be to get buy-in and participation from the many different levels of employees this proposal may affect. To mitigate and overcome this challenge the goal is to introduce OCPS in two parts: Part one would be to capture and organize all existing projects in operations today. Moving forward part two would continue this process including prioritizing existing and future projects and add the management of these projects. The belief is that once part one is completed and the total number of active, inactive (on hold) and incomplete projects in Operations has been capture, including their impact on the organization (including the amount of hours needed to complete them), that the need for phase two would be obvious. Because of this, this proposal includes part one only. Part two of the proposal will be submitted five months after the inception of part one. Prior to the beginning of part one, a portfolio steering committee will be founded that will include all Vice Presidents as well as the COO. This steering committee will select the current projects that will continue and the future projects that will be sponsored as stated in the plans for phase two.

Program Requirements and Project Objectives: Throughout its history RJ Corp has believed in managing projects departmentally, as opposed to centrally, whenever possible. We have managed intradepartmental projects effectively but to some degree interdependently from other departments and the organization as whole. Past projects have been accomplished somewhat successfully without the benefit of any set process or standard in place to guide and help develop these projects to their fullest extent. With RJ Corp’s growth into a global company there is a need for a standard or systematic approach to more fully realize projects potentials and impact. Direction has come from Executive Management to create and implement an Operations centralized project management system that can capture and prioritize all existing and future operations related projects. The project...
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