Operations and Materials Management

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Operations and Material Management Assignment

Seth Dahlin

University of Phoenix


There are many operations a company must accomplish to supply the goods and services people use every day. Operations include everything a company must do to create the goods and services provided to the customers. Materials management includes all the activities within a company that control the flow of materials into and out of the operating systems. The operations and materials managements systems or OMM work to make better use of a company’s resources and accelerate the process of getting goods and services to the customer.

Different types of companies have different OMM systems. Wendy’s, for example provides both a product and a service. Wendy’s goal is to provide good food with fast and friendly service. The main goal of a company like HP is providing a product. HP strives to develop and sell top of the line computers to its customers. Then there are companies, such as, a hospital whose goal is to provide excellent service to all it patrons. All three of the companies use an OMM system to manage and monitor their input, operations, and output.

Each of the fore mentioned companies need a team of employees to accomplish their goals, the tasks the employees perform however very greatly. The majority of the employees of the Wendy’s restaurant chain are tasked with the production and sales of the company’s food. These employees take the raw product and turn it into the final product of the food they serve; the employees are also tasked with providing superior, fast service to the customers. HP’s employees design and produce high quality computers and computer products to sell to its customers. The employees’ main task, at HP, is to create the best product they can at the lowest price possible. At the hospital the employees’ tasks are to provide service to the patrons to help them with any problem they may have. The tasks performed by the...
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