Operational Motivation Plan

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Many may argue that creating a motivational plan is strictly for the good of the employees and their needs. Well, while a motivational plan does benefit the employees, Collard (2002) suggests, "the ultimate goal of the motivational plan is to improve the equity value of the company" (p. 57). The motivation plan then obviously benefits both the corporation and the employee when it accomplishes the goal that is was intended to address. Many factors must be considered when creating a motivation plan. Some of these are as follows: employee base, managers, corporation goals, and employee benefits. While all motivational plans are intended to increase productivity, only the well-orchestrated and managed plans are truly able to fulfill their intended purpose. One article (‘Incentive Edge', 1994) stated that incentives could be used in any part of an organization with equal effect. Some of the benefits that arise from incentives are upswings in sales and market share, better productivity and quality, lower absenteeism and employee turnover, improved safety and work habits, and improved loyalty and teamwork. Corporate and Managerial Role

Corporations have an extreme interest in the success of employee incentive programs. The more successful these are the more successful the company will be. There is however a role that the organizations must play in creating and maintaining these motivational plans. Collard states that "the key to success is to: 1.) set realistic goals and timeframes; 2.) hold managers accountable for performance; 3.) communicate measurement and reward methodology then step back and let them perform" (p. 56). Corporations must set the plans in motion and then not get in their way. They must be sure to always reward positive results when goals are achieved but never reward when goals go unachieved.

The managers must now take this framework and make it work. Wilson (1994) points out that there are three things that will...

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