Operational Management quiz 1

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Uitwerkingen vragen Operational Management toets 1Copyright: Bart&Thom Signs and symbols in a service facility are helpful because they: Reduce anxiety with waiting
Cause customers to spend more money per visit
Cause employees to be more helpful
Orient customers and promote acceptable behaviour

Using the SREDEDIM method, if you had to monitor to see if the conditions had changed which step would you perform: Install a new method
Examine the facts
Maintain new method
Select the work method
Record the present method
Develop a new method

Allowing people to feel personally responsible for an identifiable and meaningful portion of their work is associated with the …….. approach to job design? Empowerment
Autonomous work teams

In behavioural approaches to job design, which approach facilitates more variation in the activities within the job? Job enrichment
Job enlargement
Job rotation

When volume is high and variety is low, …….. process is the best: Jobbing

What are the main decisions in job design:
To make the work as interesting as possible
The allocation, sequencing, laction, the interaction with people and environment and the autonomy to be given To ensure the work is conducted as efficiently as possible
The degree of empowerment to be given to a team or individual

People want…….from their job:
Job security
Strong discipline
Control of their movements
Predictable work

The output of a transformation process is:
A product, good or service
A better looking person
A car
A more efficient company

In behaviour approaches of job design, which approach offers more responsibility for own work and possibly team work: Empowerment
Job enlargement
Job rotation
Job enrichment

Operations is concerned with managing ……. That directly produce the organisations service or product: Processes

The term volume refers to:
The number of times a product or service has to be produced
The space required to provide a product or service
The number of different types of product or service offered
The peaks and troughs of demand

Flowcharts tell you:
Where activities take place
How activities take place
Why activities take place
The order activities take place

Process analysis factors are not concerned with:
Variability or throughput rate
Variability of input
Capacity of recourses
Variability of activities within the process
Configuration of recourses and outputs

Operations adds value by:
Transporting an input
Storing items
Changing the state of an input
All of the above

Which of the following in not important when the layout decision of an operation is considered: The layout task is often long and difficult
It will impact on the choice of process type
If the layout proves to be wrong, there may be negative consequences for the operation Any re-layout of an existing organisation can disrupt its smooth running

Job design is concerned with:
The development of the workplace
Ensuring process flexibility
A range of separate elements which require resolution
Making people happy

Most operations produce a mixture of both products and services. Which of the following businesses is closest to producing ‘pure’ 100% services: Therapist
IT company
Steel company

……….. Is an example of a service facility layout in which minimizing total travel distance is not an important consideration Post office
Convenience store

The implementation of technology generally……..
Is of no importance to Operations Managers
Requires little preparation
Is important to operation managers
Require careful control and planning

Which of the following transformational processes is not associated with the processing of materials: Psychological state
Physical properties

Which of the following is not a...
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