Operational Management in Textile Managment

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ARC is one of the oldest manufactures / exporters of home textiles & institutional linen from Pakistan it is a family concern, dealing in textiles and exporting its products to various parts of the world since 1968. ARC textile industry is producing textile from greige to bleach, dyed, printed and all sorts of finished products (complete cut to pack) under one the same unit. ARC has proved its identity as one of the best suppliers from Pakistan due its trustable management, honoring all its firm commitments, assured quality and prompt shipments to the satisfaction of its valued customers. Arc operates two units one a stitching unit in the heart of Faisalabad on Sargodha road and a mill unit on Khurrinwala road. ARC Operates the state of the art Osthoff-Singeing Machine, which is equipped with patented Double-Jet Burner Technology. The ideal gas & air mixture distribution is achieved with a series of expansion & compression chambers. An unbroken flame jet at the exit of the mixture from the two parallel slots & the controlled combustion within the chambers of molded ceramic bricks provide singeing to perfection. To save energy, the flame width can be set in accordance with fabric width, either manually or automatically.

Product Design
Digital printing is by far one of the most exciting developments in the textile industry. Not only does it open up endless opportunities for customization, small run printing, prototyping and experimentation but it also puts textile printing within the budget of your average illustrator. Digital textile printing can reproduce unlimited colors and shades but – as with most forms of printing – what you see on screen is not necessarily what you get back.

What is Textile Designing 
Fabrics can be made by weaving and knitting and can be given basic decoration through printing. Textile designing is a technical process including different methods for production of textile. It includes both- surface design and structural design of a textile. Textile designer must have knowledge of yarn making, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing processes, and also knowledge about different types of looms, knitting machines, and printing processes. The following basic activities can be included in textile designing. Conceptualizing new and innovative designs.

Making sets of design samples.
Carrying on experiments with color, fabric and texture.
Designing fabrics according to the emerging fashion trends.
Abdur rehman corporation is equipped with latest CAD/CAM systems for textile designing and manufacturing. How CAD is used in ARC 
The CAD/CAM technology facilitates easy creation of virtually all types of fabric weave and design, helps simulate the created weave/design into the virtual fabric in different color combinations long before the actual fabric is manufactured. If the designer is satisfied with his virtual creation then the software again provides the required parameters in various formats as per his need to weave the created design into actual fabric form. The state-of-the-art technology of computer-aided design is being adopted by ARC. The CAD solution for textile designing and manufacturing has many application areas. It increases productivity and also adds value to the product for meeting the rapid changing demands of the consumers for fashionable designs.

Textile Designers
The main center of functioning in the whole process of textile designing is the textile designer. ARC is equipped with trained professional textile designers having sound technical knowledge of each and every aspect of fabric manufacturing. They have deep understanding of as basic a material as fiber to as modern a process as CAD/CAM technology. Learning in ARC is a continuous process as designers have to keep themselves updated about any new techniques or developments in the field of textile designing to provide customers with latest designs.. Not only this, they have to keep tract of the...
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