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Operational It for New Clothing Stores

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Marketing and entrepreneurship
Ronald Rai (TIA 2173)

To describe and discuss the required key information about the topics this paper present information about the product “Ultra thin chip of special crystal” that used to charge the cell phone”. All required information contains in different sections in the below. Reliable articles, journals and other secondary sources are the sources of information. The first section provides introduction about the paper and topics. In the next sections the paper contains essential information of the topics that provides required information about product/ service, board target market, analysis of existing alternatives and substitute and customers that needs to cater through described products and services. At the end in conclusion section the paper provides the summarize information about the discussions that provide quick overview of the paper.
In the paper contains about new innovative product “Ultra chip” that is used for mobile recharge. In today cell-phones are used for communication that helps in day to day activities and manage the businesses in effective and efficient manner. This product helps in charge the cell-phones. (Mitra, 2012)

About the Product “Ultra thin cell-phone charge chip of special crystal”

The “Ultra thin cell-phone charge chip of special crystal” is innovative product in the area of mobile accessories. This is highly innovative product that has numerous characteristics that are portable services in terms of mobile phone recharge through chip that is attached to sole of the shoes that generate energy that helps in charge the cell-phones when people step on. Thus this chip also generates high amount of electricity. The major purpose of this product is to meet the customer needs and requirements with proper and effective management so as it also helps in dealing with better network and better services. Thus it creates the better communication in the today’s world with the high prospect of running the business all around the world. The paper deals with better and proper, continued structure of better communication mediums with proper business goals and business objectives. The product has been made in a creative manner and in an innovative approach to meet the specified needs of the customer and this also focused on the better as well as easily approach to meet the needs of the customer. So, the product has been made in an eco-friendly manner that helps the customers to match their expectations with the proper objectives so as proper goals. (Xavier, 2012)

Thus the product made is easily accessible and is portable with different key features including easy access and better areas of network with respect to proper business networks as well as proper characteristics for building the strong competition in the market. This paper also helped in providing the innovative ways for recharging the mobile with better development and effective communication. This is used for great access in terms of better management and other areas for effective uses and high profitability. (Mitra, 2012)
When this product i.e. chip is put under pressure, for instance with the help of body movements and other changes in the life that produces high energy creates generates high energy and this chip can be easily used and can be handled easily with better prospects. This also helps with easy access and high portability with respect to the continuation of high amount of electricity that contains better resources and generates high amount of output as well as better revenues. This is easily charged and it also contains better approach of management in terms of storing the electricity and also in terms of dealing with effective usages of the mobile devices.
Identify the unmet customer need

This product is not able to identify the needs and not able to meet their requirements so as expectations properly in case of the people those who are not using the mobile phones such as the people using laptops and other electronic devices. So for those types of customers, this is not helpful and this does not meet their requirements because the marketer is unable to understand their needs properly. Thus this product helps in generating new energy and this also is not that expensive as there is no requirement and no use of wire as well as battery so as it does not requires any type of electricity but it can be easy to carry and it is also very easy to charge as well as anybody can use this prod because it s easy to use and it is easy to handle carefully. The marketer is not meeting the criteria of some customers because they are not using the product and they are not getting any types of benefits through the purchase of these products. So, the marketer is lacking in terms of attracting those customers those who are not using mobile phones and other devices. Those customers are not using mobile phones and using laptop, this device is not useful for them because this is only used for mobile recharge and the usage is very limited that successfully is not meeting the criteria need and the expectations of the customer successfully. Thus to target the customers rather than the users of mobile devices, then the marketer needs to focus on proper techniques and should try to develop some innovation so that it will focus easily on the broad market. (Hamburg, 2003)

Target market

The marketer is currently targeting the Indian market especially in rural areas and this country has more than six lakhs of villages that uses the mobile devices and mobile phones but due to less amount of electricity, these people does not able to use these devices for long term and they do not be able to manage the usage of these applications successfully and they also does not able to create high sources of energy, thus this chip will be highly useful for this market and it will carry huge functions as well as it will manage the high amount of large customers for their product. This will be highly beneficial for the product market and it will also meet the broad range of customers in the wide market. Today everyone uses mobile after the minimum age of 16-18 in villages as well so, the target group for this product will be 18-40 years of age. Thus this product will support the recharge of mobile with proper communication and easily accessible networks. This will also helps to identify the fast network, high speed and accuracy with respect to rapid development and better expansion. (Patel, 2012)

Existing alternatives and substitutes
The study aims to focus on the relevant activities with respect to the practical cases. This also helps in understanding the better products and quality as well as processes. With the better investment in the start-up, this creates new potentials for the semi conductor and this also relates to the low level of threats. This creates the great talent as well as resources for better pay and for better protection. There are also very low quality products in terms of critical devices. Buyers also have huge advantages in terms of purchasing as well as in terms of influencing the greater level of power to the customers. Thus there are no such substitutes for this chip to recharge the mobiles. There are very low levels of substitution in the current scenario. This creates the capability of high amount of challenges. This also helps in the strong innovation. Currently there is huge potentiality of the increase in sales and this also creates old sources for the revenue generation. The type of strategy of this product highly depends on the performance and the other attributes. This increases the level of leadership as well as it depends on the better competitive advantage. It believes in better process of innovation and also it focuses on high amount of operating process with the primary activities. It is highly efficient in terms of competitive advantage and it also depends on better segments of the target. Thus it deals effectively with better segments and also helps in the potentials of management. This is on high degree creates the evolving segments and also helps in sustainable future. This builds the micro segment market and entirely it creates better customization for the customers. Along with this product, there is one more product i.e. highly important and is useful for the customer is the chip that has been introduced for the mobile recharge with the option of heart beat and with the help of the heart-beat, the customer can recharge their mobiles in no time and this also helps in the better sources so as the other one has the option associated with the body movements in terms of shoe and when they use to walk, the mobile easily gets recharged that is very easy to handle and also is very effective in terms of recharge of the mobile. Thus it is the best option and the substitute is also creating high amount of services in this contexts. This product could be successful in the target market because it has important areas of strengths that help in better services effectively to the customers. (, 2011)

Marketing plan
The marketing plan focuses on different P’s of marketing such as product, price, place and promotion. In case of product, it is focused especially on the service that includes the recharge of the mobile in terms of easy accessibility, better network and better usability of the product. Thus, the product is used for recharge of the mobile.
The price of the product is not so expensive and for the target market, it is charged around 2500 INR that is one time investment and carries no additional costs and it has strong and long term warranty for the better convenience of the customers.
The place is the most important marketing term that is used for effective strategies such as this will focus on the Indian villages to successfully meet the needs of the target market.
Promotion of this product will heavily be dependent upon certain important factors such as the proper marketing in rural contexts with respect to acts and play, drama and other ways as well as approaches of marketing. This also deals with effective management strategies and this will easily help to create high awareness among the target market and to create easy accessibility and strong reach in the market.
PEST analysis
To determine the PEST analysis successfully, the marketer will look for important factors before launching the product in the particular market for the particular segment such as:-
Political factors: India is the biggest democracy in the World. It comprises of political stability with better policies made by the government. Political pressures rule the government in terms of major policies in the environment such as:-
The taxation policy: This includes the structure of the tax and also this is empowered with taxes and other rules and regulations.
Economical factors: This factor include the change in the rate of tax, it also focuses on the economic growth, it carries rapid development in the growth to meet the standard of living and to reduce the areas of unemployment so as also the poverty. The Indian economy is very strong and it affects the country with the rate of interest as well as inflation and other competitions.
Social factors: The social factors changes according to the demand and supply factors. It describes the characteristics in the society and also it describes the rate of literacy as well as the rate of mobility and the distribution of the income.
Technological factors: There are new technologies that create new products and new processes. This reduces the cost, improves the technology as well as this relates to the benefits of the quality improvements.

To conclude, the above discussion that covers in different sections provides complete required information that defines the concept of the new innovation product and services “ultra thin cell-phone charge chip of special crystal that recharge the mobile”. In the above section provides the information about the importance of the product and the important uses of this product with the relevance of the product that needs this product and services. Apart from all the advantages and disadvantages of the product, the above discussions also focuses on the business strategies in terms of marketing that helps to establish the proposed business that cater their product and services in the area of recharge mobile phone through ultra thin cell charge chip device. Through the above discussion the paper also focuses on the alternatives products that used for the same purpose but have certain limitation and also discuss about the key characteristics in the new introduced and developed product/ service that determine the success path of the business. The paper also presents in depth information about the target market and required strategies to develop business in the competitive market successfully and talk about the needs of the customers that business target through the ultra thin cell-phone charge chip of special crystal.

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