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OperatiOnal efficiency
a Brand pOint ManageMent perspective

ExEcutivE Summary consumer-products, pharmaceutical, entertainment and other kinds of companies face tremendous challenges today. familiar marketing realities are changing by the day, and manufacturers, service providers and retailers are now forced to redefine essential processes required to create powerful brand experiences. these realities have been discussed in detail in schawk’s white paper Brand Point Management: Creating Compelling and Consistent Brand Experiences, which explains a powerful means of guiding a brand through today’s changing environment. in this companion paper, a vital component of the category is explored: operational efficiency. When a company practices brand point management, operational efficiency is one direct, important result. But operational efficiency also strengthens and supports a brand’s other directives, such as marketplace agility and global marketing. and all of these contribute strongly to the creation of compelling and consistent brand experiences.

Brand point management’s power is in how it delivers compelling and consistent brand experiences wherever consumers interact with a brand. to achieve the greatest return, brands must rigorously integrate the strategic, creative and executional phases of brand marketing. that’s why operational efficiency principles should be built right in. they promote early and close communication among key people across strategic, creative and executional areas. When these people have institutional and project-specific knowledge of multiple phases of a brand’s lifecycle, from research through strategy, design, premedia and printing, each stage is handled in a way that improves the efficiency of the other stages. superior processes must be in place to encourage this efficiency, both in how skillfully tasks are handled and how these tasks mesh with previous and subsequent tasks. Operational efficiency refines these processes. and technology plays a huge role. superior people who have mastered superior technologies work better and faster. and some technologies – such as graphics lifecycle management systems – tie everything together, making brand materials more consistent, easier to produce and more compelling in their effect. schawk has focused its resources to deliver compelling and consistent brand experiences for its clients. Operational efficiency is a key component. thE contExt for opErational EfficiEncy and Brand point managEmEnt SErvicES Here are the realities that make operational efficiency and brand point management services paramount today: • Product choices are mushrooming, and new-product offerings are growing in importance as nimble, low-priced manufacturers muscle in on traditional territory. • Consumers are reacting to choice and price competition by becoming less brand- and channel-loyal. at the same time, they are receiving media in morefragmented, less-predictable ways. thus the in-store experience has become paramount in generating revenue and profits.

• Much of the global economy is booming, with countries like china, india and Brazil showing considerable growth while the United states and other long-standing economic powerhouses experience slowdowns. • Energy and raw materials markets are experiencing extreme price increases and volatility, adding to manufacturers’ challenges as they try to react to all market forces. How must manufacturers and retailers respond? they must focus their attention – and develop processes – to ensure that every experience a consumer has with their brands is compelling and consistent. they must do this as they become more agile in reacting to consumer and retailer demands and to other marketplace forces, such as materials availability and economic trends. to enable all of this, they must look for operational efficiencies at all stages in a brand’s life without compromising the brand’s power, consistency or agility. and they must execute...
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