Operation and Supply Chain Management

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Sec I- strategy & sustainability
2.strategy & sustainability
3.product & service design

Sec II- manufacturing, service & health care processes
*4.strategic capacity management
*4A.learning curves
5. process analysis
5A. job design & work measurement
6. production process
6A. facility layout
*7. service processes
*7A. waiting line analysis
*8. health care processes
9. six sigma quality
9A. process capability and SPC
10. projects

Sec III- supply chain process
*11. global sourcing & procurement (purchasing)
12. location, logistics, & distribution
*13. lean & sustainable supply chains
*13A. operations consulting & reengineering

Sec IV- supply & demand planning
14.enterprise resource planning systems
15.demand management & forecasting
16.sales & operations planning
17.inventory control
*18.material requirement planning

Sec V- Scheduling
*19. scheduling
20.constraint management

trade-off (رابطه جايگزيني)

layout (طرح اوليه)

Chapter 1. OSCM

OSCM: design, operation, and improvement of the system that creates and delivers the firm´s primary products and services.

* Operation refers to manufacturing, service, and health care process that are used to transform the resources employed by a firm into products desired by the customers.

* Supply chain refers to processes that move information and material to and from the manufacturing and service processes of the firm including logistic processes. Supply refers to providing goods and services to the customer on the output end of the supply chain.

OSCM processes:
* planning: consists of the processes needed to operate an existing supply chain strategically. * sourcing: involves the selection of suppliers that will deliver the goods and services needed to create the firm´s product; pricing, delivery, payment, metrics (speed, quality, worker productivity)... * making: is where the major products is produced or the service provided. * delivering: is referred to as logistic processes.

* returning: involves the processes for receiving worn-out, defective, and excess products back from customers and support for customers who have problems with delivered products.

Differences between services & goods:
* service is an intangible process that can be weighed or measured, whereas good is a tangible output of a process that has physical dimensions; hence service innovation, unlike product innovation, cannot be patented. * service requires some degree of interaction with the customer. Goods are generally produced in a facility separate from the customer. * services are inherently heterogeneous – they vary from day to day as a fcn of the attitudes of the customer and the servers. Goods can be produced to meet very tight specifications day-in and day-out with essentially zero variability. * services are perishable and time dependent, and unlike goods, they can´t be stored. * the specifications of a service are defined and evaluated as a package of features that effect the 5 senses.

The goods-service continuum:
* pure goods: food, chemicals, books
* core goods: data storage systems, cars
* core services: hotels, airlines
* pure services: teaching, medical advice, financial consulting Servitization: company building service activities into its product offerings for its current users; maintenance, spare part provisioning, training...

* Efficiency: doing something at the lowest possible cost. Doing the things rights! * Effectiveness: doing the right things to create the most value for the company. Doing right things! * Value: quality divided by price. Competitive happiness is being able to increase quality and reduce price while maintaining or...
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