Operating Systems on the Internet Pos/355
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Operating Systems on the Internet

An online operating system is an operating system that is run online. The online operating system runs on a server that is on the Web. According to the web site, www.thefreedictionary.com (2003) the definition of an operating system is,
“Software designed to control the hardware of a specific data-processing system in order to allow

users and application programs to make use of it.” This applies to the online operating system,

except that the operating system is available, online. There are many different operating systems

on the internet that provide users the ability to access their data from anywhere in the world. An

online operating system is also known as a Web operating system or Web OS. It is similar to a

regular operating system but it is provided on the internet and allows users to access it from any

Web browser. The are many different operating systems available on the internet, here are just a


Many of the Web OS’s mentioned above provide the same type of benefits as an operating system, but it is done on the Web. For instance, the ICLOUD, created by Apple Inc., provides online file system and 50GB of online storage. According to the article written by Macworld Staff (2011), “In short, iCloud is a catchall phrase that covers Apple’s entire suite of wireless sync and backup services, which aim to keep you device-both iOS, and desktop computers running OS X Lion, Windows Vista, or Windows 7-on the same page, no matter which one you’re using at any given moment.” The iCloud also provides direct access to the user iCloud from Windows Explorer. The Glide OS 3.0 provides 10GB of online virtual disk space, office tools, Web site creators and file sharing. G.ho.st which stands for Global hosted operating system provides almost the same features as a physical desktop computer, but online. The users can use file storage, sharing, and

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