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Topics: Personal digital assistant, Smartphone, Mobile Web, Mobile operating system, Android, Windows Mobile / Pages: 10 (2292 words) / Published: Mar 8th, 2013
Damatac, Mara Olivia S.
Gabriel, Ma. Gessa M.
Lagiwid, Julie May C.
Runez, Alfonso Tyrell Joseph B.

Mobile Apps
IDE(Intergrated Development Environment)

Programming is the process of developing logic codes to solve a particular problem. Programmed software and/or application are supposed to make the task easier for the user. It is used for developing applications found in our computing machines. It is used in almost all the technologies offered in the market. Companies use it to produce applications for developing games, entertainment, and the like for different types of technologies promoted. As time goes by developers become extra competitive, software and/or application advertised by the companies become more and more sophisticated and more advance. Since the “programming” topic is so main stream nowadays, we chose to widen the topic. This time as we have technological advancement in the palm of our hands, it is literally in the palm of our hands—as we go “MOBILE PROGRAMMING”.
Mobile programming provides a way for developers to create applications and programs anywhere. This promotes the portability of IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) which paves way to easier programming. Mobile IDE can help programmers have programming on the go. In the instance of the programmer figures out a code or is inspired by some event and wants to incorporate the code he/she could just do it on the spot.
This research intends to test mobile IDE’s capacities in factors like its real-time, GUI and Networking. The fundamentals that one programmer needs is to save, load, compile and run his/her program at the ease of portability is the main goal of mobile IDE’s and this research seeks its current capabilities and limitations

Background of the study
Mobile applications have been the focus of the advancements in technology today. it is to make things more easier and more manageable in a small yet handy device

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