Opera Vs Musical Theater

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VS Musical Theater
Ever since I could remember I’ve dreamed about be a singer and when I was able, I started taking classes to accomplish that goal. Since working and studying in the entertainment industry I have found that there are many different career paths in this one field but I have chosen to discuss two that are similar but different in many ways. Opera and Musical Theater are two passions of mine and I hope this research will help me better understand these two careers. First off, opera is a very demanding filed and it takes a lot of work to acquire the talent and technique which mean practicing almost every day for many hours The education requirements for becoming an Opera Singer is unlike any other job as far as schooling, some singers do go on to music conservatory after high school these. Students in the voice department take courses in music theory and hearing skills each semester until all requirements are met. At these schools students will learn the necessary vocal and musicianship techniques to enhance their performance, style, presentation, and speech. Some students who wish to coach recital material or to explore the French and German Art Song repertoire: Other performance opportunities include oratorio, lieder, art song, contemporary and early music literatures, and choral music. Most students consider joining vocal music ensembles as chamber singers and bigger vocal ensembles; Voice students also appear regularly in student recitals and present major recitals during their semesters at a certain music conservatories. On the other hand music conservatories can be very expensive and in the long run is not needed if one has been studying and practicing for most there life and has a personal vocal trainer. There is no certain degree that a performer needs to obtain a...
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