Opera History

Topics: Opera, Baroque music, Giulio Caccini Pages: 4 (344 words) Published: May 6, 2013
MUS HIST 3300/5300 Opera History
Spring 2013
Terms and concepts for Midterm

For the following terms and concepts from lectures and the assigned chapters in Grout & Williams: please be able to: 1) give a brief definition of each term, and
2) relate each term to the repertoire that we have studied

Terms, by Week/Grout & Williams Chapter:

Week 1/Chapter 3-4
Court opera
Monody (accompanied monody)
Giulio Caccini. Le nuove musiche; “recitar cantando, cantar recitando” Jacopo Peri
Camerata Fiorentina
Basso continuo
Strophic aria
Obbligato instruments
Favola in musica

Week 2/Chapter 5-6
Maestro di capella
Commedia del Arte
Opera buffa
Public opera
Stile concitato
Lament (on ground bass)
Teatro San Cassiano/1637

Week 3/Chapter 9.
Benigne de Bacilly
Philippe Quinault
Académie Royale de Musique
Tragédie en musique
Lully’s recitative (especially metric properties)
Air de cour
Les quatre-vingt violins de Roi (24 violins of the king/5-part string band) Haut-contre
French overture
Querelle des Bouffons

Week 4/Chapter 10.
Commonwealth of England
Ground-bass aria
Lute song

Week 5/Chapter 11.
Opera seria
Italian overture (sinfonia)
Da capo aria
Lieto fine
Tone painting/word painting/musical symbolism
Royal Academy of Music (English)

Week 6/Chapter 12-13
Opera of moods/affects
Older & newer styles (ie. baroque/pre-(or proto-)classical) Galant style
Opera reform (1730s)
Opera seria aria types (as given here)
Insertion aria/suitcase aria
Bravura aria
Pier Francesco Tosi
Recitativo semplice (secco)/ recitativo accompagnato
5-section da capo aria (Metastasio/Hasse)

Week 7/Chapter 14.
Jean Philippe Rameau
Opéra comique
Opera reform (1760s)
Ranieri de Calzabigi
Azione teatrale

Week 8/Chapter 15-16
Intermezzo (again, in a...
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