Opening Up of the Indian Education Sector to Foreign Universities in India

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1. 1 2. Objectives of the 2 3. 2 4. Student opinions – Indian and International 3 5. Need and Relevance of setting up foreign universities in 5 6. Limitations of the 6 7. 7


A new dimension in the history of foreign education in India has been created by the much awaited bill that was tabled by the Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal. The bill was aimed at regulating the entry and operation of foreign institutions which are imparting, or intend to impart, higher education in India. It will also permit foreign education providers to set up campuses in the country and offer degrees.

Although new in India, The Foreign Educational Institutions Bill is something that is already prevalent fully or partially in many other countries of the world. Few years ago, Singapore opened the doors of its education policy to allow foreign players to set camp. In 2003, China even partially opened its doors to foreign universities but collaborating closely with state institutions for better monitoring.

Currently the underlying question is, Is the ‘Opening up of education sector in India to foreign universities a boon or a bane’

Objectives of the Study

* Conducting study to understand the mindset of students, both Indian nationals as well as foreign students, residing in India and abroad, in reference to the passing of the bill. * Analyzing the effects of the bill on India as well as the outside world. * Studying the need and relevance of setting up of Foreign Universities in India. * Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of the setup of Foreign Universities financially, culturally as well as academically. * Research on whether the present educational system caters to the needs of all classes of Indian society, in preparation for the outside world.


* Primary data collection:
By means of conducting interviews with both Indian and International students in India. Handing out of questionnaires, collection of expert opinion on the issue. * Secondary data collection:

Reports and Newspaper articles, Magazines, News telecast, Internet reports and Statistics.

Student opinions– Indian and International

Statistics prove that more than one lakh Indian students go out every year in pursuit of higher education, outside of India. Most of these students go out of the country to further their studies because of lack facilities for quality education in the country. This also costs a huge foreign exchange outgo.

Similarly, a large no of international students get attracted to study in India, due to its low cost, impartation of what some would regard as quality education, financial assistance and its unique courses.

But conducting an independent survey on students residing in India, as well as those of Indian origin residing abroad, we wanted to understand if how it would impact their decision if a foreign university of International standard was set up close to where they reside in India.

It is quite natural to receive mixed reviews as this issue is more or less subjective in nature. Different people view it differently as per their interests.
According to Raina Jadav, an Economics student from the small city of Panhala,: “Many people fail to understand that the bill does not offer social justice to all, it only benefits the elite class. With majority of the population being the Middle or the Low class, the poor people will not be able to get their...
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