Opening Sequence of Bullet Boy Analysis

Topics: English-language films, Audience, Opening credits Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: March 12, 2006
Write an analysis of the opening sequence of Bullet Boy. Consider how the film has an impact on the audience using film language.

In the opening sequence of Bullet Boy the audience is introduced to three of the main characters: Ricky, Curtis, Wisdom and Godfrey. We find out some background, such as the fact that Ricky was in prison and that Wisdom is ‘wearing a scar' for Ricky.

Straight from the outset enigmas are being raised. Why was Ricky in jail? Why is Curtis so eager to see his brother? Conflict develops in the opening sequence when Wisdom reverses into Godfrey's wing mirror. Although we don't know what comes of this eventually from the opening sequence, the audience can tell that the strife will develop throughout the film. A climax must occur at some time.

The visual style of the sequence is typical to a British Gangster film. It has the ‘grimy' sense that leaves the audience begging for more ‘un-hollywoodised' films. The film constantly contrasts the ‘concrete jungle' of hackney with the surrounding countryside. In the introduction, there are lots of Point of View shots to show the thoughts and emotions of the four introduced main characters. There are also some wide-angle shots that show the surroundings, as well as depicting the characters and developing the storyline. These shots are important to the narrative.

The soundtrack of the sequence adds to the ‘grimy' and ‘gritty' feel of the film. The fast-paced music builds audience anticipation, and almost has us on the edge of our seats, waiting for the storyline and conflict to kick in.

The opening sequence has a variety of impacts upon the audience. Firstly, it draws you into wondering about the characters and events that it contains. It also lets you convey with Ricky and Wisdom's emotions, so you can identify with the everyday struggles that they are facing. The audience wonders why Wisdom is interested only in himself and Ricky, and is not really bothered about...
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