Opening Auntie Anne's in Italy Proposal

Topics: Italy, Italian people, Italian cuisine Pages: 12 (4507 words) Published: December 7, 2008
1.a. Letter of Transmittal

1.b. Table of Contents
1. Introductory Parts
a. Letter of Transmittal
b. Table of Contents
c. List of Illustrations
d. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Background Information
a. Auntie Anne’s Company Profile
b. Italy Country Profile
i. Social Customs
ii. Family Life
iii. Value Systems
iv. Economic Institutions
v. Political Patterns
vi. Class Structure
vii. Religious and Folk Beliefs
viii. Housing, Food, and Clothing
4. Corporate Consultation
5. Summary of Findings
6. References

1.c. List of Illustrations
I. Charts and Graphs
a. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Sales (1989-2005)
b. Religion in Italy
c. Italian Cities with 300,000+ Residents
II. Images
a. Map of Italy
b. Euro Coins and Bills (currency of Italy)
c. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
1.d. Executive Summary
An Italian monk created the first pretzel in the seventeenth century. Thousands of years later a group of Germans brought these twisting scraps of dough to Pennsylvania. Since its creation in 1989, Auntie Anne’s has become a multimillion dollar company grossing an estimated $168 million in 1999 and it was time to expand internationally. It is the goal of this report to complete the circle and bring Auntie Anne’s pretzels, the finest in the world, back to the birthplace of pretzels.

The purpose of this report is to determine the feasibility of opening successful Auntie Anne’s franchises in Italy. The first step of the process of determining the actual feasibility of an Auntie Anne’s franchising opportunity in Italy was to examine Italy and determine if an Auntie Anne’s would really work. It was determined that the main factors that needed to be researched were: social customs; family life; housing, food, and clothing; class structure; political patterns; religion and folk beliefs; economic institutions; value systems. This report will begin by examining Auntie Anne’s pretzels. Following the information on Auntie Anne’s, the report will examine Italy. Once the information gathered on Italy has been presented and analyzed, the corporate consultation will be presented. The corporate consultation includes all of the information gathered directly from Auntie Anne’s regarding how to go about getting a franchise and how to obtain an international franchise. Following the presentation of all of the information that has been gathered will be the summary of the findings. In the summary it will be determined whether an Auntie Anne’s franchise would actually work in Italy.

3.a. Auntie Anne’s Company Profile
Auntie Anne’s pretzels was founded in 1988 by Anne F. Beiler, and her husband Jonas. The first store was in a farmer’s market in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The Beiler’s started Auntie Anne’s pretzels to support Jonas’ dream of opening a free counseling service for couples and families in their community (Company History). The Auntie Anne’s corporate headquarters is now located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. By the end of 1988 Auntie Anne’s had eight stores in Pennsylvania, sparked by the opening of their first bakery in Harrisburg. By 1990 they had expanded to nine other states with 50 locations (Corporate Ingredients). In 1992 Auntie Anne’s opened their first airport bakery in Pittsburgh International Airport, and in 1995 they opened their first train station store in New York City’s Penn Station (Corporate Ingredients). The company has enjoyed continued success and has increased sales in each year since their founding (Chart 1.b). By 2005, Auntie Anne’s had 887 stores in 45 states and 12 countries. In 2006, Auntie Anne’s systemwide sales topped $293 million and in July 2006 they rolled their one billionth pretzel (Company History)....

References: a. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Sales (1989-2005)
3.b.iii . Value Systems
Italy’s greatest wealth is its people: the generous, charming, Italians seem to know how to do everything bigger and better (Estes, 2004)
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