Open vs. Closed Adoptions

Topics: Adoption, Family, Closed adoption Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: September 18, 2011
April 19, 2011
The choice of an open vs. closed adoption is one of the most important decisions a mother can make during the adoption process. For both processes an agreement is crafted to detail the rights of the birth parents in the life of the baby following the adoption. There are many pros and cons to both options. Both can be seen and evaluated in the following articles that clearly explain and discuss these two options. Also, another form of clarification is the textbook, Marriages and Families by John DeFrain.

The first article goes over the advantages of a closed adoption. Closed adoption refers to an adoption process where there is no interaction of any kind between the birthmother and the prospective adoptive families. There is no transferring of identity information between either family, such as physical characteristics or medical history. Some potential benefits associated with closed adoption are a sense of closure, privacy, and reduced fear. Birth families usually state that a closed adoption provides them with a sense of closure and enables them to move on with their life and continue to build their family. Having privacy with this adoption reduces extreme sensitivity or for the family to be vulnerable. And lastly, it helps reduce the fear of having to explain their choice to the child and helps prevent confrontation. More positive attributes with closed adoption are that the adoptive family is free to have their family time without disruption or visitation restraints. They are free to act like a complete family unit without complications from the birth family, creating their own traditions and expectations. There is also no confusion on who is truly the more important parent or danger in the child choosing who they want to be their sole parents. Closed adoption also closes the door to emotionally unstable or inexperienced parents trying to intrude on the new family structure or disrupt the peace with problems or legal battles. With closed...
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