Open System Theory

Topics: Systems theory, System, Cybernetics Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Cohort 21
Assignment 2
Week of July 15th

“Open Systems Theory (OST) is a modern systems-based changed management theory designed to create healthy, innovative and resilient organizations and communities in today’s fast changing and unpredictable environments (, July, 2013).” In this paper I will discuss what Open System Theory is and how it relates to organizations, groups and Individuals. The Open System Model takes into account relations between systems and its environment. The open system properties are comprised of; environments; inputs, transformations, and outputs; boundaries; feedback; equifinality; and alignment. Open system model looks at the overall picture; the communication and feedback is essential to clearly direct planning and create an intelligent design. Environment can directly and indirectly affect performance and outcomes. Both Organizations and People exchange information with their environment; cannot fully control their behavior and are influenced by external forces. For organizations environmental conditions they are affected by include, “availability of labor, human capital, raw material, customer demand, competition and government regulations (Cummings and Worley, Pg.90).” Input, Transformations, and Outputs are seen as information received form external places, analyzed (Social and Technological) and converted then used to create an output. An easy example of this can be seen as a car repair, Mechanic will receive information of what is wrong with the vehicle, he/she will asses the information, use his tools to further understand the problem, diagnose the problem and proceed to do repairs as needed. Boundaries, Feedback and Equifinality are important factors of the Open System Theory. Boundaries encompass set boundaries used to keep in track, boundaries vary per industry, they are more rigid and precise in certain fields such as biological and mechanical systems where as social system are more...
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