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Open Campus Policy

Dec 20, 2001 898 Words
Students, you, as well as I, have always felt the strain of limitations brought upon you this and past school years. These past years, the school board has been closing students' ability to do almost what they please to an oppressive detention in which you cannot even walk the hallways to get a sip of water. How many times have you or heard that someone has been given a detention for just walking around the halls? How many times have you been hassled for trying to go to your car and sent back into the school by a so called "rent-a-cop" and a new enforcer cop? All of these and more are related to the idea of a closed campus. I, on the other hand, am on the behalf of an open campus. An open campus gives the student more freedom and responsibility to make the right decisions. As opposition, the closed campus concept would argue that not all or any of the students should receive such trustworthiness from the school. I think that not all but a select group of students should have the open campus opportunity. Another matter with open campus is money issues in many areas in which I will discuss.

As time goes on, each class of students gains and loses freedoms. An open campus freedom would not only just let students go where they please; it would also give the students a responsibility to manage their time. Many administrators on the board of education do not think that a high school student should have such a responsibility. They would tell us that we are too immature to be able to manage time during the school day. I think that students are mature enough to have such a freedom placed within their grasps. I can anticipate that the opposition will be outraged by all students receiving this freedom and responsibility. If such a concept as open campus could be arranged, there surely would be rules and regulations placed in effect to ensure that the school will not have liability of the student once off school ground.

The group of students that can leave the school can be very easily simplified from the current thought of all students being able to leave. First of all, a freshman certainly cannot leave the school grounds. A sophomore, even though more mature than the freshman, should as well not be able to leave the grounds. These groups of students are not old enough to make decisions wisely. These groups of students also do not have a car and furthermore a license. So surely on foot, they could not go far and be able to get back in time for a class they have. So now we have the junior class; most of which are getting their license and cars at this time. Even though many would want to leave, I believe that an honor status of grades would have to be in effect and parental permission should be granted as well. Juniors may be somewhat mature; they are still a minor and should have parents consent before they can just leave the school. Seniors, mature and older, will have the privilege of an open campus. Seniors endangered of failing a course though, should immediately be removed from this privilege and monitored.

The school should be concerned about letting students enter and leave the school at will. Security might be a problem, but a screening leaving and entering could be placed. Money issues the school might fall upon might be something worth talking about. The act of suing the school if the student should get hurt after leaving the campus has to have a clause in it. When the student leaves the campus for his or her open campus privilege, the school at no point is responsible for the actions the student takes place in. A waver by the parents of the student should be signed no matter if the student is a junior or a senior. It will avoid many problems that the school should not face. Financing the security or monitors around the campus should not be difficult to get funds for. The school actually does receive enough money for simple things; they just spend it on trivial items. For example, an oversized industrial fan that teachers cannot talk over is a waste of money that should have been spent on other things. In any effect, financial issues are not a concern for the school.

We have now entered a school system more strict and unwavering than ever before. We as students need to start gaining some of our rights and freedoms back from the people who took them. Why do I care so much about this subject? And why should you care about this and many other issues? The answer lies with you. You may find yourself saying, "Why do I care about open campus?" I cannot say why you should care. One thing I do know is that if I get through to one person, and that one person to someone else, then a few turns into ten, and ten into hundreds, and soon, we will get things that we want and have been wishing for so long. I may not make a difference, but I, sitting here today talking to you, might persuade some to join the fight for student rights.

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