Open Campus Lunch

Topics: School, No-win situation, High school Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: September 29, 2009
Keara Bailey
English 11
Mrs. Kincy
16 October 2008
Against open campus lunch
The last thing a parent wants is a phone call from school, especially if its a call saying that their child has been hurt. And, with open campus lunch, there is a higher chance that a parent might just get that dreaded phone call. This, along with other reasons, is why I think we should keep our campus closed for the lunch hour.

In high school, money is always an issue. I think that with an open campus lunch, money would become an even bigger issue. Some student’s wouldn’t be able to afford to go out to eat lunch everyday. There would then be more pressure to get money to be able to go out and eat. Some students, those that do not have money management skills, may take money away from areas of importance in order to meet end for lunch. Or, if there is no way to get the money, students may not eat. Instead, just go and sit with there friends. This is neither healthy nor smart. Even if everybody did get to go out, and money wasn’t a problem, getting back to school would be. Lets face it. The 30 minutes we are given for lunch may be enough to eat at school, but its not enough to get in your car, go to a restaurant, eat your food, and get back to school on time. And that would cause problems between students and teachers. Tardy rates would sky rocket. Then, there would be those students who would abuse the power and just not show back up to school. And then the attendance rate would shoot up, too. This is just a no win situation. Last, but defiantly not least, the big fear. Car wrecks. Fatal or not, car wrecks are scary. And I know that none of my parents or my friend’s parents wants to get a phone call saying that their child is in the hospital. There is a sense of security for parents knowing that their child is at school all day. My mom has told me that between 7:15 and 8:05, she is a nervous wreck, worrying rather or not I got to school okay or not. She says it’s the...
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