Open Boat

Topics: Ocean, Sea, Oceanography Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Literary analysis “The open boat”

Determination was what the sailors from “The open boat had,” with their drive into finding land and there hope into finding shore would they not give their lives into the cold heartless ocean. Days after days of seeing the ocean at its worst and days with no food could they only have hope and determination to finding land and being safe? As weak as they were they relied on each other to get through it. With the captain being emotionally distraught about losing his ship he still had the strength to lead the few men he had left into unknown of the sea. The men of the open boat had a lot of trouble they had to face together with losing one of their members of the crew in the process of getting to shore, but with their faith and persistence led them to find land. The story “The open boat” was an extremely depressing story but in the same time encouraging. Days after days would the captain and the rest of his crew would see and feel the wrath of the sea. Knowing that they had very little chance in enduring the sea without any food supply, they would still continue fighting for survival. At any moment they could have lost their lives and they all knew perfectly well and there were a few moments where they were inches away from confronting death right in their face, but they did everything thing they could to live. The sailors would always be depressed because they would see how the oceans atmosphere would be like and how nature would not show any type of mercy on them. Different shades of grey and black would be in the sky and would reflect on the oceans which cause them to be more afraid of the ocean, as the oceans storm would swallow them whole in every wave that came towards them. You would tell when the sea would be ill-tempered when you would see the clashes of black and dark grays colliding together, and when you would hear the loud roar of the lighting coming towards you and the waves at a thousand feet aiming...
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