Open and closed source systems

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Open and Close Source SystemsBarbara PoePos 355 Introduction to Operating Systems10 - 27 - 2014William DavisOpen and Close Source Systems A system is defined as a collection of interrelated part forming a synergistic whole that jointly perform functions that each part by itself cannot perform. The system as a whole receives inputs from sources outside itself, processes these inputs within the system, and transfers the outputs or results of these processes to outside itself. Whatever exists outside the system is described as environment of the system. There are two types of systems in organizations: closed systems and open systems. An open system interacts with its environment through giving and receiving information. Closed systems are closed off from the outside environment, and all interaction and knowledge is transmitted within the closed system only. Closed systems can hamper growth since the flow of information stays within the system and has no chance to interact with or build on knowledge from the outer environment A production line is an example of a closed system within an organization. The daily work that takes place on production or assembly lines can be insulated from outside factors such as day-to-day meetings between upper-level executives, or information from other similar, competing production lines. Instead, workers on an assembly line are generally only responsible for completing their tasks on the line, depending on what type of line it is. Many open-source packages are rock solid and better than their closed-source counterparts. Examples include the Apache web server, Linux operating system, SendMail email server, and MySQL database. Other examples of open systems: Business organization, Hospital system, College or University system, Linux, FreeBSD and Open Solaris closed source operating systems include Microsoft Windows Solaris, Unix, and OSX.. When it comes to debugging closed source systems don't reveal their source code; as a result...

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