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Conceptual framework / Research Paradigm, Statement of the problem, and Methodology

Conceptual framework / Research ParadigmOPAC system is extensively used by schools to keep control over the library access of their employees and students. Each of the employees or students is allotted a computer, which they are search if where is the books that there looking too in the placed of the library. The system that used shall looked if the books that there looking for is available at the library. It is only after that it is decided whether the books are available or a students or employee borrowed it.. They basically refer to system that can research using computer through the library, which are mainly used for security reasons.




Figure 1.1 Conceptual Frameworks

1. System conceptan exchanges matter and energy with its surroundings. 2. Software system and requirementssoftware engineers design a software system to meet him 3. Software system designis a process of problem-solving and planning for a software solution 4. Detailed designA major task of detailed design is to spell out, in detail, the attributes and

methods needed by each class.
5. Code and unit test
is a method by which individual units of source code are tested to determine if they are fit for use. 6. Integration and test
all methods that have been developed before and tested individually or put together and tested as a whole.

Research Paradigm of OPAC System

Figure 1.2 Research Paradigm of OPAC System

This study focuses on the feasibility study of OPAC system at P.U.N.P. (Panpacific University North Philippines) Library. The statement of the problems is divided as follows: marketing study, technical study, management study, financial study, and social desirability. Specifically the proponents will find answers to the following questions.

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