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Timor Telecom (TT) is the Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications Operator in East-Timor, owned by Portugal Telecom (PT) in 41,12%. Created in October 2002, TT now offers widespread Fixed, Mobile and Internet (triple play 3P) services. The company is responsible for the first Fixed and Mobile telecommunications network (3G) in East Timor, having more than 600.000 customers and a network coverage of over 80% of the country, being the only telecommunications operator growing considerably.

“The new systems program
at Timor Telecom, TTXXI,
went according to plan and
well. The consortium, lead
by PTSI, has done a job that
I consider professional,
exemplar and that had, from
Timor Telecom’s side, a
highly committed and
focused team towards the
execution of this
transformation, since this
was something critical for us
to do in order to be prepared
to deal with competition and
to offer the excellence with
which we intend to manage
our business and serve our
It is with great satisfaction
that I see, at PT Group and
TT, a group of professionals
that represent the future and
deserve all my respect for
their competence and
developed work.”

To face the country’s economical, social and political growth cycle, but also to maintain their leadership on the sector after the markets’ liberalization expected in 2012, TT decided to modernize their processes and organization, ensuring a greater customer focus, with more agile services, as well as broader and more competitive offers. Spanning that strategic decision, TT in 2009 prepared its IS/IT Systems’ Main Plan that in turn originated the IS/IT Transformation Program, from 2010 to 2014. The transformation program was called TTXXI and is based on Portugal Telecom’s reference architecture and telecommunication standards in the industry, defined by the

Telemanagement Forum (TMF, www.tmforum.org) and called

Improving the response to business evolution, having an integrated view of the customer, counting on a prime contractor responsible for every action and for the project itself as a whole:

Capitão Amaro
Timor Telecom

Unifying business processes, implementing a vertical solution according to best practices in telecommunications operators; Supporting TT’s staff qualification and training, to minimize operation impact when systems go live;

Preconfigured solution, allowing shorter implementation times and less risks; and,
Meeting deadlines according to the plans defined with TT,
are among the demands TT’s management identified as
primary for the completion of their IS/IT transformation


TT XXI - B/OSS Implementation
The TTXXI program was implemented using a framework completely developed by PT-SI, PT Inovação, Accenture and Oracle, called InstantTelco that includes Business Support System (BSS) components and integrates with Operation Support System (OSS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Self Care (Customer Self-Management) and Business Intelligence (BI) components.

Reference Functional Architecture
The designed architecture is based on a set of principles and guidelines that manage the transformation strategy of telecommunication operators’ information systems, on 21st century convergence domain. The solution’s goal was to answer TT’s requirements in a structured, integrated and end-to-end way, besides boosting business strategy thanks to the involvement of the entire organization. This was a very important project for the transformation of the company.

The presented products are among the most prominent in the industry. Thus, TT confirmed their bet on Market standards, enhancing their future independence towards third-parties. The underlying IS policy supports this reference architecture and orients the company and its IS towards the use of...
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