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Successful Malaysian Entrepreneurs


Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka dictionary define entrepreneur as people that work up industry namely entrepreneur. Entrepreneur intended as on a large scale job to be doing industry goods or job trade on big scale. Entrepreneur is one that risk start or set up a business or industry and work out. One who have started business or had purchased business which began by others are also known as entrepreneur. Entrepreneur also is a manager that lead the business and can demanding rights on that business. As such it bear business risk. Entrepreneur have the vision and expand business for society's prosperity. It is one who want freedom in business, make own decision and consequently want succeed on own effort.

Most of them start from stage below ago before succeed until today. To succeed, entrepreneur are required to have information that is correct and latest. Entrepreneur need to have skill obtain information that correct than resources that can be trusted. Information and feedback that achieved will be applicable to increase experience, improve achievement and business performance that led. As an entrepreneur, the individual necessary have willingness do personal sacrifices to resolve a job, take responsibility fully in settling a job, willingness help staff in order to completed task and give satisfaction to customer showing attitude concerned to satisfy customer needs and always ensure every promise which made especially with customer, supplier and others party fulfilled such as that have agreed .

Various cabarn that were faced by entrepreneurs that is famous in Malaysia before they succeed to create name as Usahawan which successfully in Malaysia. Furthermore on this day government will help future entrepreneur in giving advisory service and also capital. Bahagian Latihan programme & Bimbingan Usahawan aim to create entrepreneurs new and increase knowledge level, skill and Bumiputra entrepreneur management capability through keusahawan training, guidance, advisory service, help and encouragement so that they become genuine entrepreneur that is quality and able to manage trade projects and small industrialisation and medium that viable, competitive and able to last. Among implementation that carried out is by Mengadakan training facility and entrepreneurship course or theoretically business and practical to lead and help entrepreneur that keen and potential to venture area of trade and industry and give advisory service and provide consultant to increase Bumiputra product in aspects of production, packaging, labelling and pemasaran.Sebagai conclusion, we necessary make entrepreneurs which successfully in Malaysia as mentor or morale burner before we start move as entrepreneur.


BORN: Oct. 6, 1923, in Johor Baru, Malaya
EDUCATION: Raffles College, Singapore
FAMILY: Married twice, eight children
Robert Kuok Hock Nien is reputedly the richest man in Malaysia. While handing more authority to the next generation, Kuok remains the man in charge, and he is using the tough times to train his successor Robert Kuok Hock Nien was born in 1923 in Johor Bahru, the son of a well-off commodities trader. His ancestral town was in Fujian province, China. An old boy of Raffles College in Singapore, he was a schoolmate of Singapore's Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew in the late 40s. After graduation, he helped out at his fathers company, and founded the Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd in 1949. As far as education is concerned, Kuok, the real estate business magnate completed his graduation to work in the grains department of the Japanese industrial conglomerate Mitsubishi between 1942 and 1945.

Acquiring the Mastery of Business
After founding the Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd, Kuok first started investing in the...
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