Ontology and Miriam S Strangeness

Topics: Truman Capote, Ontology, Life Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 1, 2013

Ghostly Stalker
In the short story “Miriam”, by Truman Capote writes about a transformation that occurs within an old widow. The widow, Mrs. Miller always lived by an organized lifestyle until she encounters Miriam. As soon as Mrs. Miller befriends Miriam, she begins to stalk as well as make demands from Mrs. Miller. Soon her life begins to be manipulated by Miriam. Yet Mrs. Miller seems to be drawn to Miriam’s strangeness such as her inhumanness, possessive ability as well as her abnormal existence. All aspects of her characteristics considered, Miriam is a ghost First, Miriam is not a human due to her unnatural behavior compared to normal human beings. On the first night Miriam appears at Mrs. Miller’s house, it is a cold night but Miriam wears abnormal clothing despite the weather, “She was indeed wearing a silk dress. White silk. White silk in February.” She is not affected by the cold temperature similarly as a ghost would not be affected toward any weather because they do not have physical bodies to feel. Second, Miriam has the ability the possess Mrs. Miller into obtaining the objects that she desires. As the first night progresses, Miriam is in Mrs. Miller’s apartment and she asks Mrs. Miller for almond cake and glazed cherries but is quickly refused and sent home. The following day, Mrs. Miller cashes a check and unintentionally buys almond cake from a far away store, “But a series of unaccountable purchases had begun, as if by a prearranged plan: a plan of which she had not least knowledge or control.” Mrs. Miller’s actions are lead by a manipulative force, because her daily routine moreover the way she lived her life previously before she met Miriam has crumbled. These series of behaviors are very unusual for Mrs. Miller who rarely went past the corner bakery. Yet, she is unconscious to these changes to her actions almost as if she is being hypnotized by a ghost. Lastly, Miriam has no existence in the actual world. The second time Miriam intrudes...
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