Ontological Paradox

Topics: Time travel, Time, Ontology Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: June 16, 2011

Ontological Paradox is associated with time. It is the existence of time travel. A time travels journey to another time is fulfilled simply because he traveled there. The time traveler can not alter or change the past or history already made.

What is an Ontological Paradox?

Isn’t it strange by influencing the past while time traveling in time explains why history can not be altered? A time traveler, if existed, can only explore on his quest to make history and not change what was already done at all on his quest. An ontological questions where, when and by who was history made or how the information was originated? What is an ontological paradox? A paradox of time travels that question of existence. The existence and the creation of information or objects in time are also paradoxes. In other words, an object is brought back in time and it becomes the object that was first brought back in time at first. An example can happen where information can be passed form the future to the past. I remember watching, I believe the movie StarGate SG-1. In this episode the time travelers, who were military soldiers traveled back in time within their time craft. The military soldiers traveled to the year 1969. However, before the soldiers left the future, one of them wrote down information on how to repair their time craft on pad. The soldier took the pad of information to the year 1969 with him. Therefore, when the time craft broke down in the year of 1969, the soldier was able to retrieve the information on the pad, in order to fix the time craft. So, that information was used as a guide, as information obtain in the present. Moreover, history is already made. So, there was no information on how to fix a time craft in the year 1969. Ontology is the theory of being. The branch of philosophy pursing such questions as: What is real? What is the difference between appearance and reality? To ask about something’s ontological conditions is to ask its status in...

References: Palmer, D. (2008). Does the center hold?
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