Only Know What You Were Taught

Topics: Africa, Education, Continent Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: March 2, 2014
Thomas 1
Cahlil Thomas
Professor Massenburg
English 131L-05
24 October 2013
Only Know What You Were Taught
   As an American college student, we can be very stereotypical and commonly conceptualize other cultures or countries. We like to assume every Mexican that we see is an illegal immigrant and cuts grass for a living, that the Asian in our class is usually the smartest, and that Germans have no sense of humor. International students are aware of how their peers view them, Rebekah Nathan, who is in her fifty's attended Northern Arizona University as a freshman. Nathan observed and interviewed some international students to get their opinion about the lack of information and misinformation that American students have about other cultures and countries. With her results she wrote an essay titled "My Freshman Year: Worldliness and Worldview”, in the essay all of the international students interviewed described American students misconceptions as ignorant. I agree with them but I don't blame the American students, I blame America’s educational system, simply because of my experience with social studies for the twelve years I was in grade school. When I think back to what I was taught in those classes all I remember is American history, America Thomas 2

In its present state, studies of other countries but only of their crisis, and war stories that resulted in America coming out on top.    Recently I learned the countries in Africa are no different from most countries in other continents. I learned that there are buildings and towns and cities in every country in Africa, It is not difficult to find a KFC or McDonald’s in many countries in Africa, and large parts of Africa are tropical rainforests, Africa is not one big desert. That’s kind of silly now that I think about it but before then, I had never looked into the continent and just made assumptions from things I seen on TV, like the news or animal planet, and their past history. Africa is a big...

Cited: Nathan, Rebekah. My Freshman Year: Worldliness and Worldview .The World of Writing. Posey/Manglesdorf. 2011. Print
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