Online vs Traditional Shopping

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Online and Traditional Shopping
Alesia Bernhardt
April 1, 2012
Sonja Farnsworth

Online and Traditional Shopping
Traditional shopping involves moving from home to a store of one’s choice to select an item of one’s choice. During traditional shopping, a person has the opportunity to physically see the item that he or she is shopping for before settling the payments. However, online shopping has several advantages over traditional shopping. Researchers all over the world have shown that online shopping helps people make the shopping experience convenient, less time consuming and also allows them to compare prices in different shops. Internet search engines have also made it possible for online shopping to become more popular. Compared to traditional shopping, online shopping appears to be more convenient, less time consuming and also allows shoppers to compare prices more easily than traditional shopping. These are some of the positives that come with online shopping that has made it more popular and hence a choice sought by many. The advent of the Internet has had a major impact in many lives since there have been major improvements in the way many people talk and also interact with each other. Information dissemination has also been made very easy through the use of the Internet. Technology has made it possible for online shopping and more activities to quickly be conducted through the use of the Internet. When carrying out online shopping, the process is usually very fast and enjoyable as a person can achieve most of the things needed in just a click of a button. Technology is always advancing and changing at a rapid pace. Online shopping is likely to develop even further as there are new innovations coming into the market daily. People also do not need to move from shop to shop in search of an item. One can know about the availability of an item within a very short time and then purchase it from the appropriate store...

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