Online vs Traditional Education

Topics: Distance education, Virtual learning environment, Moodle Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: September 7, 2012

There are two different environments of learning online learning and traditional learning. When people think about these two, they naturally consider their differences. For example, virtual classes are claimed to be less engaging then face to face ones, or less demanding, for that matter. Conversely, the fact that the former have a more flexible schedule than the latter is generally highlighted. In sum, differences favoring one or the other environment of instruction abound. What many times are overlooked is that, though online learning and traditional learning are different in many aspects, there are some relevant similarities. First of all, contrary to what people may think, both online and traditional learning require a lot of work. Both demand, for instance, considerable planning from the teachers and studying from the students. Furthermore, the student’s participation is equally necessary and effective; likewise, class management may be essential for achieving great results in the classroom and online. Also teachers and students know that giving and receiving feedback is important in both environments. In the same way, assignments are a huge part of the learning experience, since it is great practice for everyone involved. As unbelievable as it may seem, online classes can be just as entertaining as face to face ones. Although it is not possible to move chairs around or to have talking corners in an online environment, it is just as possible to include songs, movies, games, discussions, and other entertaining activities. Besides, technology by itself can serve as a source of entertainment, because when you use a video chat or an app like songify, students can have as much fun as in a face to face class. Moreover, online learning can be as effective as face to face learning. People can achieve satisfactory results in both environments, since these are able to host...
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