Online vs. Retail Shopping

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I love to shop. My obsession with shopping started with my heartbreak. My first love broke my heart by cheating on me, and got another girl pregnant. But that wasn’t the worst I was also pregnant but I had a miscarriage at six months. I have the typical Black syndrome, and foolishly believe I do not need therapy and can self-treat psychological issues. I’ve always been strong individual, but my weakness for shopping became eminent after the emotional trauma I'd suffered. It started out very simple and then it progressed into something bigger than I can imagine. I had a few credit cards and by the time my obsession grew even deeper I had over 10 store cards not including my major cards such as American Express Green, American Express Blue, Discover, and Visa. At first I was doing very well by maintaining the amount of cards I have and really watching my spending. As my depression grows so did the amount of cards I was accumulating and my appetite grew to buy more and more. I have so much stuff throughout the years I had to stop buying things for myself and started with my nieces and nephews who also didn’t want for anything. When I got bored with purchasing for then I started with other family members and friends. I also started giving stuff to charity, family and friends whenever the season would change and I was cleaning. Invitation to party’s, baby and bridal showers really started pouring in because everyone knew I gave very nice gifts. There wasn’t a party I wasn’t invited to which also caused me to sink deeper into a depressive state. I started going back to the stores and shop some more. Getting into my car and driving to the destination, looking at the scenery and smelling the fresh air is always a good thing. It’s always nice to interact with others and it also gives me a chance to meet new...

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