Online Voting System

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Online Enrollment System


Mr. Jenmark Calamanan

This is an online enrolment system to make enrolment easier as, it is easy to use. There is no need for a guideline or tutorial. This program is accessible.


Research study is truly an exhausting, brain dring, strenuous activity, this study would not be possible without the help of the few generous people who contributed themselves to make this research possible. The researchers would like to thank of course, the Lord Almighty for his guidance and love. The member of their family for being understanding and supportive to them especially when it comes to financial support. To their ever-patient adviser in research Mr. Jenmark Calamanan, for his unending support, guidance and motivation to finish this research study and also to his suggestions that helped the researchers pursue the study.



Chapter 1 The Problem and its background............................. Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature.................................... Chapter 3 Methodology................................................... Chapter 4 Presentation of screen shots.......................................

The process of the enrolling system in some company is usually manual and probably your time will waste by waiting and waiting because they don’t have any system to easier the enrolling, because, you need to fall in line first to wait your turn to enrol. In some colleges they have already an online base enrolling system that I’ve made. And the process of this application is easy. Internet base enrolling system is a system that you’ll just put your Student number, password, curriculum that you want to enrol.

Background of the study
Cannabis College was established in 29th of February 1960; Crisostomo Ibarra was the founder of the school. The Cannabis College is so big and they can’t even handle it when they having an enrolment in school. Because they don’t have enough money to buy a modern software to manage the entire student when they having an enrolment. Eventually, they decided to buy software worth 500,000.00 peso and it’s called online based enrolling system.

Existing flowchart of manual system(explain)

Ishikawa diagram
Explain the elements of the ishikawa diagram(1prgh per element)

Statement of the Problem
The main problem is how to develop the system for any company Specific Problem

Objectives of the study
Stesh x Negz xoxo
X Skarpeys xoxo ♥ ☺

Conceptual Framework (IPO)

Significance of the study
Company Owner
Election Comittee
Future Researchers

Definition of Terms

Chapter 2
Related Studies
2 or 3 literature
Review of the implemented land-based voting system

Chapter 3

Research Methodology
Logical Design(Parang DFD)
Description of the Design
Flowchart of the Design (Proposed Design)
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