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Today is world of technology. So, the person who adopt it, get the success. So, online trading means trading through electronic means. Online trading is the trading in which the investors who are familiar with the use of computer and Internet they directly trade in stock market. They trade any time at any place when the stock market is open. The cost of transaction is also reduce with time. The investors have a large range of option for the trading. It is a paperless transaction so it reduces the cost of company. There was a facility of live streaming quotes, which give exact price of share which prevailing in the market at that time. Discount online brokers allow you to trade via Internet at reduced rates. Some provide quality research, other don’t. Full service online brokerage is linked to existing brokerage. These brokers allow their client to place online orders with the option of talking/chatting to brokers if advice is needed. Brokerage rates here are higher. Online trading is still in its infancy stage in India. Online trading involves investment activity which takes place over the Internet and it does not require physical inclusion of the broker. An investor has to register with an online trading portal like, and and many companies like that and investor gets into an agreement with the firm to trade in different securities according to the terms and conditions given on the agreement. As the servers of the online trading portal are connected all the time to the stock exchanges and designated banks the order processing is done in real time and investors can also have updates on the trading. They can also check the status of their orders either through e-mail or through the interface that it cannot be accessed by a third party.Some options are usually given to users such as to link their bank account, Demat accounts and brokerage accounts into a single interface. A single window is also there for all exchanges and a single screen is there for the complete order routing mechanism. The hardware used comprises of Web and application servers, switches, routers, firewalls and security devices, and specialized appliances. There are two broad model inplay in the online brokrege space 1. Bank-backed firms

2. Entrepreneur-floated firms
Bank-backed brokerages such as ICICIdirect and HDFC Securities have expanded on the basis of their brand name and the trust of investors in them. The integrated 3-in-1 accounts offered by these bank-backed brokerages help their parent bank by giving it accounts along with float income In second case i.e Entrepreneur-backed companies like Sharekhan, Indiabulls, Religare and Indiainfoline have expanded by offering customers a mix of online and offline accounts, higher margin finance amounts and lower brokerage rates. Though the bank based has performed better but the latter have not lagged too far behind. The reason why online trading has developed over conventional offline brokerage firms is that this conventional method struggled with unfavorable economies. Staff cost is just one example of it. As the markets opens for 330 minutes a day one dealer can at best execute 500 trades in a day while online company like ICICI direct executes 150,000-200,000 trades a day on the National Stock Exchange alone accounting for 3-4% of NSE trades of 5 million a day. It would require a large amount of dealers to service this demand. Besides the salary costs it would also demand huge expenses in real estate and support systems. Ex The offline model has got a downfall in the form of lower bandwidth and IT costs and the cost of bandwidth has fallen to one-eighth of what it was in 2000 giving online broking an advantage especially in the case of lower-volume retail investors. Today 30% of volumes on the NSE...
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