Online Student Registration System

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1.0 Introduction
This project is entitled “Exam Registration System” .The Exam Registration system will help in registering student details to issue hall ticket for the exam. This project will help RTUC students to do registration for exams online. It helps the management to conduct the online registration. And the purpose of this project is to change the basic paper (Traditional way of use) the way used to students application issues
In this project, researcher design website which helps students to do their exam registration without time consuming. Our Moto is free from page usage It is very helpful to develop the Green World.
1.1 Background of the study
As the name of the project “Online Exam registration” suggests, the system/application is to allow institutions administrators to computerize the process of registering students who wish to participate in exams within the application school administrators are able to register their students groups and send request to RTUC which upon payment, accept the group and specify examination center for each student. This whole process is accomplished through web-based interfaces. The Internet can be regarded as cheaper and improved version of the self-education resources. The manual procedure used for conducting exam registration is time consuming process and error prone due to human limitations. The system purpose is to completely automate the old manual procedure of doing exam registration to online web Based Exam system. The Online Exam registration System is a web based registration software developed in MySQL and PHP designed to help students registration for exams Online. In addition the administrator can edit all details of the student (
Various student details are maintained by the software. They include the Roll no, First name, Last

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