online shopping in india among middle class

Topics: Consumer behaviour, Business, Online and offline Pages: 3 (550 words) Published: December 4, 2013
rcos Hernandez, Jaime (Dublin Business School, 2009)
Internet shopping has greatly evolved; therefore it is relevant to investigate if online shoppers' behaviour has also changed. This dissertation focuses on experienced users, those who spend many hours online and are skilful ... An investigation into the consumer behaviour across online and offline shopping channels within the Irish book market : an analysis of 18-25 years old Irish consumer Zheng, Chunlong (Dublin Business School, 2010)

The paper tries to establish a research framework in Irish book market from the aspects of consumer motivations in online and offline shopping channels. Thus research has been limited and many key areas remain under explored. ... Online social networking as and advertising medium : footwear sales industry, Ireland Kaur, Inderjit (Dublin Business School, 2008)

This dissertation illustrates why some footwear sales companies in Ireland are resistant to using social networking advertising while some companies in the same industry are using this medium extensively to advertise their ... Head Shops : a study of knowledge and opinion on Head Shops and legal highs in Ireland Killeen, Nicola (Dublin Business School, 2011)

Context: Recent media attention illustrated Head Shops creating a senseless milestone in drug culture in Ireland. The public can purchase powerful Legal Highs without interference or sanction within society. Popularity by ... Behavioural change of online customers in the context of internet fraud Wishard, Rahul (Dublin Business School, 2008)

The explosive growth of the Internet as a medium for commerce over the last decade has opened up a new research area, and it has become imperative to study how customers perceive the Internet as a channel to buy and make ... From bricks to bytes

Flanagan Creagh, Morgan (Dublin Business School, 2012)
While investigating recent Irish documentaries I noticed...
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