Online Shopping and High Street Shopping

Topics: Retailing, Online shopping, Shopping Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Nowadays, an increase in the technological revolution has happened in the world; however, the internet is the important significant revolution that has ever known so far and used by a lot of people .Shopping via the internet has become one of the most successful uses that can connect the various and companies and consumers alike. That is because of the wealth of time and effort, rather than travel to buy the specific needs of a country. It has been able to the users of the internet to choose whatever goods or things they want. It takes short amount of time to order what is need and also they are delivered in a short time and in the easiest way possible.

Firstly there are many advantages of shopping online, all terms of daily life items could be obtained including entertainment, leisure, games, telecommunications, shoes, jewelry, or auto parts, antiques, magazines, furniture, electrical and electronic appliances, household, lighting. And also we can get the necessary requirements such as: women's clothing, menswear, footwear, cosmetics, and perfumes. We can also get on the computer hardware and communication devices such as fixed and mobile, handhelds, printers, computer accessories of all kinds, as well as medicines and medical products.

Also it did not stop at this point; it went to other things that have exceeded our expectations. For example, you can request up to day meals on the internet and payment can be done on the internet instead of going to the restaurant. In addition to the possibility of getting what you want with high quality, unlike the case in traditional shopping with access to prices much lower than the local market because of the fact that these sites do not pay the expenses of rent, labors, and so prices are much cheaper than high street shops.

Secondly there are several advantages to shopping online, the first one being the ability to shop at a time that is convenient to you, not just when the shops are open. The second advantage...
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