online shopping and gain customer loyalty

Topics: Marketing, Customer relationship management, Customer service Pages: 13 (3973 words) Published: February 6, 2014
How do major supermarkets keep and gain customer loyalty via online shopping?


In this essay, the author will explore the customer loyalty issues in organisations. In the background of global economy and the knowledge-based economy , many commercial enterprises are facing severe challenges. With the development of society and economy, the competition is becoming increasingly acute and fierce, some of large supermarket must to seek survival and development. "Customer focusing" is the inevitable choice of the large supermarket. Therefore, how to meet customer needs effectively, to enhance customer loyalty, to ensure rapid and smooth development of enterprises, becoming a hot topic of keeping supermarkets, which attracted much attention. Many domestic and foreign experts on customer loyalty research is becoming a trend, found that enhancing customer loyalty is necessary to compete, especially in the retail business, it is the only way to improving the core competitiveness, This essay we will start from the main factors of affecting customer loyalty. Then, the value of customer loyalty were analyzed and proposed an effective strategy to enhance customer loyalty. Finally, the author will show an example of development strategy of a famous supermarket in Britain.

The main factors of affecting large supermarkets customers loyalty

With the global economic integration and the development of competition, market competition has entered a "customer demand era." This point, both from marketing theory 4P ( product, price, place and promotion) to 4C (customers, cost, convenience and communication) of the conversion, or theory and technology of customer relationship management and the rise of wide applications, have been reflected clearly. “In order to meet customer needs, the large retail supermarket should enhance customer loyalty effectively, becoming an invaluable asset.” (Ian , 2010) To enhance customer loyalty, we must understand and grasp various factors about the influence of customer loyalty clearly, and then, take the appropriate countermeasures. Product and service quality is the most important factor affecting customer loyalty. More over, the following factors is also essential, customer demand is the fundamental factors affecting customer loyalty. “Customer needs and values are influenced by several factors, such as demography and related background elements.” (John, 2001) The economic behavior of customers who purchase products or services established on the basis of having a demand, that is to say, customer must have purchased or consumer demand, they will have a purchasing behavior. For large supermarkets, only to fully understand and meet customer needs, that they can achieve customer satisfaction. In addition, because of different occupation, income, social environment and other aspects of customers, in consumer demand, there are also have corresponding differences. Large supermarket should have analysis and orientation of consumer, determine the actual needs of consumers, to develop effective countermeasures accordingly. Customer experience in the use of goods and services, also affect customer loyalty. Customers were satisfied with a service used in the past, he would repeat purchased, and will to measure service now, to compare with the past experiences. If the realization of the actual evaluation is better than the previous experience, the customer will once again satisfied, if bad than before, or about the same, the customer will feel unsatisfied. Therefore, the customer previous experience constitute future use of this service satisfaction threshold virtually. “An effective way to stay in touch with customers and clients and in doing so create camaraderie is to publish a newsletter.” (Jill, 2002) In order to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction and customer service levels, operators of large supermarkets must improve service standards and improve service levels constantly,...
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