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Topics: High-definition television, Video, 1080p Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Design, System Requirements, and Video Quality
The Logitech c920 is a good looking gadget. It's made entirely of glossy and matte black plastics, with a clear plastic cover over the optics. It's not as classy a design as Microsoft'sLifeCam Studio ($99.95, 4 stars), but it's a bit sleeker and more practical, particularly with regards to microphone placement. The USB cable is permanently attached, though it's sufficiently long enough to reach from the top of a desktop monitor to a PC chassis on the floor beneath a desk. A pair of stereo microphones bracket the lens, along with a curved pair of LEDs that light up blue whenever the webcam is active and transmitting video. The c920's mount deserves special attention. In addition to folding up in different ways for positioning on a desk, on top of a monitor, or on a laptop lid, it also contains a second pivot point to brace it more tightly against the back of a monitor, plus a third pivot point that adjusts the vertical angle. That latter adjustment is crucial for ensuring your image is centered in the view, while simultaneously keeping the webcam secure against the monitor. Located on the bottom of the mount is a threaded tripod attachment, if you want to sit it on a desk or shelf instead of attaching it to a computer monitor. There's no software CD in the box, but the c920 doesn't need one. If you're running Windows 7, setup is as easy as can be: mount the webcam on your monitor, then plug it into a free USB port. During the install, the software picked up my existing copy of Skype and added a shortcut for it. I also installed Logitech Vid HD, which is Logitech's existing, somewhat clumsy video chat software, though I didn't use it much, as both parties need to have it installed and it's not particularly popular. The c920 isn't Mac compatible, but all recent Macs come with a high-quality iSight camera built-in. While a c920 would add 1080p video and stereo audio, the target market on the Mac side is admittedly quite...
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