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Consumer Behavior In Online Shopping


to conduct satisfaction surveys with customers. Customers use the Internet not only to buy the product online, but also to compare prices, product features and after sale service facilities the will receive if they purchase the product from a particular store. Many experts are optimistic about the prospect of online business. In addition to the tremendous potential of the E-commerce market, the Internet provides a unique opportunity for companies to more efficiently reach existing and potential customers.Although most of the revenue of online transactions comes from business-to-business commerce, the practitioners of business-to-consumer commerce should not lose confidence .It has been more than a decade since business-to-consumer E-commerce first evolved. Scholars and practitioners of electronic commerce constantly strive to gain an improved insight into consumer behavior in cyberspace. Along with the development of E-retailing, researchers continue to explain E-consumers „behavior from different perspectives. Many of their studies have posited new emergent factors or assumptions which are based on the traditional models of consumer behavior, and then examine their validity in the Internet context.

Theoretical Foundation

The Internet has developed an into a new distribution channel and online transaction are rapidly increasing. This has created a need to under how the consumers perceive online purchasing. Price, Trust and Convenience were identified as important factors. Price was considered as to be a most important factor for a majority of the students. The internet has created a paradigm shift of the traditional way people shop. A consumer is no longer bound to opening a times or specific location. So he can become active at virtually any time any place and purchase the products or services. The internet is relatively a new medium for communication and the information exchange that has present in...
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