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The Increasing Trend of Online Shopping In India! Are we ready for it yet? Online shopping has evolved in India after failure of tele-shopping (due to its limited market penetration) and now along with mall culture, online shopping is slowly getting acceptance from the Indian society. Let us look at the barriers of online shopping and how online shopping grew, thus making India ready for it. Barriers towards online shopping

* Internet penetration is low in India, thus people were unaware of online shopping and were not able to do it. * Earlier people who had internet access were unable to use online shopping just because net banking or debit/credit usage was also evolving and not everyone had it. (Many people even used to forget their login and password, funny but true due to its rare usage). * Also there was this security threat in the mind of consumers (possibility of hacking) which made them reluctant in doing online shopping. Why online shopping grew?

* Now with advent of technology security threats have been minimized thanks to “https” and “SSL encryption” people have started using net banking. With this number of people doing online shopping also increased. * Another thing which have helped online shopping to grow is the ‘money back guarantee scheme’ and ‘cash on delivery scheme’ which made consumers feel safe as it removed security threat(hacking) from the mind of consumers and also issues related to gateway(server slow, down etc.) were removed as its dependence was over. * Also by giving consumers the right to reject the product if not satisfied on delivery made people feel that they are not imposing their products on them resulted in more and more people doing online shopping just for giving it a try. * ‘Cash on delivery’ also gave the consumers a chance to see, feel and try the product before buying which also attracted more people towards online shopping. * ’30 day replacement guarantee’ only gave consumers an extra...
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