Online Selling and Inventory Website for Drum Dealer Company

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The Problem and its
Modern technology has definitely made significant changes in the way today’s business owners promote their companies. Marketing your business online should always be a major part of planned advertising and promotions. For so many years the major techniques used to market a business involved newspaper, phonebook, direct mail and for some, radio and television. Though each of these remains in wide use today, very few companies can leave online marketing out of their advertising plans and remain successful.

With today’s economic and technological business structure, the concept of marketing your business online should never be pushed to the side or ignored. It is the fastest growing means of marketing that reaches more consumers than any other and its dominance is quickly driving the previously mentioned competing marketing methods to extinction.

Consumers expect businesses to, at the very least, have their own website. They become frustrated when the information they seek cannot be accessed from the convenience of their personal home computer or portable computing device. Searching through a phonebook, making a phone call and communicating verbally still has its place in the market, but a scarcity of time and need for efficiency demand that basic information be quickly available through the Internet.

Creating a website is typically the first step for a business to take in their strategy for online marketing. Websites should not be thrown together haphazardly, but should be pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and form a positive first impression. Sites that are confusing and jumbled often have the consumer leaving in search of a more user friendly option. They can provide quick and informative overviews of a business; encouraging consumers to take action and presenting helpful information and tips related to the products or services being offered.

Consumers without previous knowledge of a business can quickly discover its existence due to its use of local search marketing. This form of advertising will cause a business to show up when consumers in the local market perform a web search for products and services related to its niche. The business’s information will appear in search engines and in local directories providing demographics and a link to the website. They increase the visibility in search engines and create a vast array of opportunities available by no other means. Internet marketing allows access for even small businesses to have national and international exposure if desired.

Marketing your business online is likely the most valuable step you can take to increase your positioning in this competitive economy. It is a vital tool that should be used to some degree by all companies, large and small, to successfully grows their customer base and profits. The rewards that will come to those who utilize wise and professional online marketing are definitely worth the time and expense.

An Online Selling and Inventory Website for GALVAN General Merchandise is an inventory control system that is design to enhance the productivity of a company’s material department. This system will help them to transact through online, and for delivery.

Since the transactions were done manually, like information and inventory, it gave a hard time recording ordered items and keeping the records of stocks. Thus, proposed project will help them to lessen or eliminate problems on sales, storage and retrieval of inventory data for the inventory status.

Because of modernization, the researchers know that using new technologies is one of the most effective and easiest ways in terms of communication. A website is a convenient way to reach or access them fast and easily what the clients or customers wanted to know in just few clicks.

The group chose GALVAN General Merchandise because of the quality of their products which is...
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