Online Sales and Inventory

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The world has became much smaller since the creation of Internet, our lives has been moved into a new revolution, to the way we communicate, by getting information and even to the way we shop. Today, most people prefer online shopping than conventional shopping. The main reason is because of its convenience. You can do shopping in just minutes without wasting so much time in cashier lines and crowds of people. There are even more numerous advantages not only to the consumers but also for the distributors. The researchers choose the topic "Online Sales and Inventory Management System" for Mega star company which is a distributor of goods such as Rebisco products which is a brand name popularly known and loved by Filipino people. The main reason we decided to go for this topic is because online stores also have advantages for businesses not only for the customers. Since online stores is such a marketing hit today we figure out that most businesses is now setting up their own online stores. It can save money, time and even manpower.

The main goal of the researchers is to create a system that will change the company's manual recording system for sales and inventory. Connecting it to the internet, Bringing it much closer to the customers by doing their orders at home. Not only does it helps the customers but even the administrator by accessing and automatically updating the inventory status anywhere.

Background of the Study
Megastar Marketing involves tedious works under manual computing in processing and recording business transactions. Due to this current method of inventory system, the company has encountered several problems regarding the monitoring and stocks checking. One of their problems is because of their various products, the only way to keep their items on track and to maintain their inventory level is through physical inventory count and reviewing the records which will cost a lot of time. They spend...
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