Online Reservation System

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A Project Paper
Presented to
The Faculty of Information Technology

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree

Briones, Nelson Jr. R.
Amores, Mark Ellies C.
Domdom, Jolo D.

S.Y. 2013-2014

Date: August 2013

Contact Person: Charina Grace Delacruz

Position: Manager

Name of the Company: Villa Engracia Garden & Farm Resort

Address of the Company: 6416 Tatalon Street, Ugong, Valenzuela City

Dear Sir / Madam,

The 3rd Year BSIT students are required to go on company visits as part of our requirement for the subject, System Analysis and Design. We are in the process of involving ourselves in systems design, systems development and network proposals. We are required to conduct studies and interviews to companies that have relevance to our course and indulging themselves in IT environment and IT work. Likewise, we need to submit ourselves to immersion in order to understand the flow of the system in the organization or company involved in IT. There and then, we are required to propose a system that will help the company resolve the problem seen and suggest a solution.

In this connection, we are requesting your good office to allow us to conduct study in your company. We would also like to ask for information such as company profile, IT structure, etc. that will be needed for our documentation and suggest other details and comments to it.

To this end, you may ask to verify the proposed system if it has relevant contribution to your organization and affix your signature as a proof that you accepted the recommended solution for your company. We will provide you all the details of the documentation of this project upon its completion. Please advise should there be procedures we should comply.

We would like to extend our gratitude for considering this request.

Respectfully yours,

Nelson R. Briones Jr.
Jolo D. Domdom
Mark Ellies C. Amores

Noted by: Approved by:

Mr. Joselito V. San Juan Charina Grace Dela Cruz Instructor Manager


To whom this may concern,

We, the 3rd year BSIT students of Access Computer College, are required to present a System Proposal as partial requirement to pass the System Analysis and Design Subject. The System Proposal is entitled “VILLA ENGRACIA GARDEN & FARM RESORT ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM” and for the completion of our study we need to gather data that will supplement our research. In this connection, we would like to ask your permission if we can conduct a survey in your company to complete our proposal. Rest assured that we will treat your data with outmost confidentiality only for the purposed of educational study. We are praying and hoping for your favorable response.

Thank you for considering this request.

Respectfully yours,
Nelson Briones
Mark ElliesAmores

Noted by: Approved by:

Mr. Joselito V. San Juan Charina Grace Dela Cruz Instructor Manager


First of all, we would like to thank our Professor Joselito V. San Juan for giving us a knowledge and opportunity to build up our academic study in field of I.T.

To our beloved parents for their understanding, consideration; expenses that they give and the place that we temporarily used while finishing this research.

To VILLA ENGRACIA GARDEN & FARM RESORT for letting us to conduct study to their company and for trusting, helping, and giving some idea for this...
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