Online Reservation System

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All of us experienced having a vacation even just once in a year. And finding time to have vacation is really rare because of our busy schedule at work or school. We don’t want to spoil or ruin our vacation having a trouble of not finding a good accommodation and room rates. And we don’t want to waste time going around to find a good resort and accommodation at the same time. Experiencing all these hassle is a mess! As much as possible, we want an organized, efficient, enjoyable and amusing vacation. Thanks to Internet, now it’s possible to pre-search for a resort where it will fits all our needs and will fit our budget as well.

With the fast paced of our new world and with the wit of a human mind, it is not possible to reserve our choice of resort with the Online Reservation System. This system will be a big help on their business to advertise their business and to mark-up their sales. This Online Reservation System is usually used by Resorts, Hotels, Apartelle, Function Halls and Ticketing Office.

In this chapter it includes the background of the resort, objective of the study, system scope and limitations and some important definitions that will further enlighten our reader’s vocabulary.

Background of the Study

A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. Resorts are places, towns or sometimes commercial establishment operated by a single company. Rhosean’s Garden Resort is a family owned and operated business for over six years.

Rhosean’s Garden Resort was established on November 3, 2005, it is located along Mc-Arthur Hi-way, Brgy. Panipuan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. The resort was named after the couple Mr. Andres M. Torres and Mrs. Rosita M. Torres. (“Rhose”-from Rosita and “An”- from Andres, that’s why they came up with the name “Rhosean”) .At first, it was just a vacant lot and Mrs. Rosita saw that the place is not functioning, she came up with an idea of building or constructing a resort that can be a source of income and at the same time they can use it as a rest house and they can hold their family reunion without a hassle on their part. It takes 1 year of construction to build the resort.

On November 2, 2005, the construction of the resort was fully-furnished and done. And on November 3, 2005, it was the grand opening of the resort and it was a great success for the couple and to their family. The resort has started having (5) cottages, (5) air-condition villa cottages, (1) function hall with a capacity of 200 persons. And at that time, the resort just only have (1) large adult pool and (1) kiddie pool.

In year 2008, they added more cottages, air-condition rooms and they expand their function hall to accommodate their growing number of customer especially when summer, the peak season of this business. And also they added conference room that can accommodate 50 persons for their symposiums, seminars, team-building and business related meetings.

And as of now, year 2012, they have a total of (7) “kubo” type cottages, (25) air-condition villa cottages with a denomination of the price depends on the size of the villa, (1) indoor function hall with a capacity of 300 persons, (1) conference room, a playground good for outdoor activity,(1) badminton court, clean restroom and shower area, pool side benches, a mini lagoon and landscape, spacious secured parking lot, (2) adult pool and a (3) kiddie pool. Rhosean’s Garden Resort is also catering events like wedding, baptismal, anniversaries, seminars, meetings, debuts, conventions, school parties, kiddie parties, reunions and other special occasions. The names of their cottages are unique because they were named it after the name of their dearest grandchild. And still, they are making a continuous improvements and beautifications of Rhosean’s Garden Resort.

Objective of the Study

The primary objective of our research study is to develop an Online...
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