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The ships we come across nowadays are large, sturdy and self propelled vessels which are used to transport cargo across seas and oceans. This was not the case centuries ago, and the current ship has undergone countless centuries of development to become what it is today.

In ancient marine times, people used rafts, logs of bamboo, bundles of reeds, air filled animal skins and asphalt covered baskets to traverse small water bodies. To be precise, the first boat was a simple frame of sticks lashed together and covered expertly with sewn hides. These boats could carry large and heavy loads easily. (

History of ships is never complete without mentioning the Phoenicians. They deserve special mention since it is highly probable that they were the pioneers of the wooden sailing vessels that were to sail the high seas centuries later. The Phoenicians fashioned out galleys from the earlier dugouts with sails and oars providing power. As the galleys grew larger, according to specifications and requirements, rowers were arranged at two levels.

The Port Management Office of Calapan is located at Barangay San Antonio, Calapan City, Province of Oriental Mindoro. The port is reinforced concrete general-purpose wharf primarily operated using RORO facilities. It is the main port serving Oriental Mindoro and plays a vital role in the transport of general and RORO cargoes and passengers to Metro Manila and other provinces via the port of Batangas. It also serves as the vital link to the Visayan and the Southern Philippines through the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH) Eastern Seaboard. The SRNH makes Oriental Mindoro a gateway to Boracay, as the bus-and ferry route passes through Calapan City and Roxas town on its way to Caticlan; the main jump off point to Boracay.

The province of Oriental Mindoro is also one of Southern Tagalog Regions primary of rice, corn, banana and coconut. Thus, for outbound cargoes, main commodities handled at the port are copra, coconut, rice, fruits such as bananas, citrus and other agricultural products while for inbound cargoes are cement, fertilizer and general commodities.

The people of Oriental Mindoro are engaged mostly in agriculture, fishing and livestock and poultry raising. The landscape is lush with citrus and rambutan plantations. Calamansi, the popular Philippine green lemon, is a major produce. About 40% of the province is forest or timberland, reputed the best source of rattan, bamboo, vines and buri fiber. These comprise the products mainly handled in Base Port Calapan.

The attractiveness of a transportation facility to its users is determined by factors such as safety, speed of service, and comfort. Sometimes it is possible to represent the combined effect of all these factors into one general measure of performance which we will call level of service. A facility which provides a high level of service is a facility which is quick, cheap and comfortable to use and which is perceived as safe by its users. When the level of service can be translated into monetary units, one defines instead a generalized price (or generalized cost) which can be used for economic evaluation purposes and feasibility analyses. Most of the emphasis of these notes is on predicting the time that it takes for a given user (person or good) to use a transportation facility since travel time is one of the main components of generalized cost. Although it is not possible to determine exactly how much people value travel time (it has been said to be around one-third of the hourly wage), it is important to have a rough idea so that one can relate travel time to generalized price. The value of time to shippers of material goods can be assessed more easily. It is related to their inventory costs because with slow...

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