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According to, “Human Resource Management includes activities such as human resources planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, appraisal, motivation and remuneration. It aims at developing people through work.” In human resource management, recruitment is one of the most important processes in an organisation. According to, “recruitment is a course of action of discovering and employing best eligible applicant, whether external or internal organisation, for a job position in a most suitable and cost effective way.” There are different types of job recruitment, such as online recruitment and advertisement recruitment. In the 21st century, many of the organisations using online recruitment to search the best candidate for company, as the internet have transformed job hunting and recruitment.

There are few types of online recruitment. One of the methods is professional websites. Example of professional website is, where some candidates who are searching for human resources job go into that site. They have specific professions, skills and not general in nature. The second type is employer website. It can be developed by different employers or can be company own website. One example is, which is the first supportive, company owned online recruitment set up by Direct Employers Association. The last type is job board. Job seekers become aware of the vacancies where the recruiters post jobs and search for candidates. Example of job board is (Gosh, nd) In fact, there are still many other methods of online recruitment.

Online recruitment has advantages and disadvantages in helping organisation for recruitment and selection. It has made more efficient on the employment process for every large and small organisation. For those companies who are still using paper applications have practised to use internet for important sections of the hiring process. The first benefit would be the reduce time for hiring. Online recruitment, is also called e-recruitment has enable a manager to have an immediate real-time communication and for everyday and every hour in job search activity. For example, a manager can post a vacancy in a very short time on a career site such as without limitation. He or she can receive resumes in response immediately. In online job advertisement, the posting normally stays in available status for as long as one month and keeps on to receive candidates’ resumes as job seekers come across it. As compared with the traditional practises, job advertisement in newspaper or journal may take about one week or later but not only for one day. Therefore, employer has to wait till the end of month to receive the responses by applicants, especially for those who need immediate vacancy and special areas industry. (, 2009) According to, hiring in e-recruitment gives 70% faster than traditional recruitment practises, and the cycle of recruiting is speeded up at every process of posting, which is to receive applicant’s resumes and filter the information and call for interview.

The second benefit of e-recruitment is cost effective. We need money to advertise the job vacancy in newspaper or journal, and this is not cheap for the advertisement. While the online posting is much cheaper as compared with traditional practises. According to, the company post online to a job site such as would be charged only USD250, which would be more cost-saving than the cost of job advertisement in newspaper or journal publication or the 30% of annual incomes that many personnel managers charge. shows a study that the costs of posting vacancy and searching for candidates on job vacancies can be up to 90% lower than the costs of adapting traditional search agencies and advertising practises. (, 2009)

Third benefit is wider reach for...

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