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Although one of the latter steps in the recruitment process, the choice of its recruitment tool remains fundamental for any company. The choice of the recruitment method requires that the organisation goes through an elaborate procedure considering the cost of reaching the target group, the time scales involved, the fit with the organisational culture and the opportunity presented to enhance the organisation’s public relations. One of the newest recruitment tools at the disposal of employers is online recruitment.

Online recruitment is a new tool, at the disposal of the HR departments, which has known a phenomenal success in very short time.

The term online recruiting implies the formal sourcing of job information online. It is also called cyber recruiting or internet recruiting. The first reference to Online Recruiting (OR) was there during the 1980s. Today online recruiting is a huge business throughout the world.

Advantages of online recruiting

The following are the main advantages associated with online recruiting

• Low cost: Publishing vacancies on the website involves no cost at all while the cost of putting advertisement on dedicated recruitment sites depends on the particular site. But compared to the regular channels like newspapers, this method is extremely cheap. • Shorter recruiting cycle time: It has been found out that this method of recruiting frees around 25 to 30% of the time of the HR from routine tasks to be utilised in more strategic works. • Reaches a wider range of applicants: this is mostly based on the fact that internet can reach a global audience in contrast to any newspaper advertisement. • Better quality of response: Applicants who apply through the internet are mostly young, computer literate, educated and showing some interest in the recruiting company, especially if they apply through the website of the company. • Gives the company a more up to date image: It gives a corporate image to the company of being an innovative and flexible. Hence it is a viable tool to promote a favourable image of the company at least in the recruitment function. • Opportunity to address specific labour markets: It gives the opportunity to address the specific niche that the company might be trying to focus on because of the excellent customisation facilities that are available in the online recruiting method. The screening of the candidates becomes very easy. • Attracts a passive job seeker: It can attract the interest of highly qualified candidates who are not presently seeking jobs. By posting the job advertisements strategically in the sites, it can be made sure that those people who are not actively looking for a job but may jump at the right opportunity are taken care of.

Disadvantages of online recruitment

• Needs to be applied as part of an integrated recruitment process: Many organisations lack the resources or the expertise to achieve this. Companies need to be ready to deal with the relevant IT tools, such as search engines, databases or CV-screening, and to undertake a whole change management effort, in order that people get familiar with the implementation of the necessary.

• For the majority of job seekers, Internet still is not the first option: Given the distinctively quick raise of Internet use globally, this should normally be expected to change in short time.

• Is mainly perceived as suitable for IT jobs and for young graduates: This reduces its effectiveness in the quest for other specialities and/or for highly achieved professionals. Concerning the graduate recruitment, there is an assumption that e-recruitment works best for initial assessment at junior levels, where little expertise is needed in shifting candidates and more than a...
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